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Airtame Cloud

Work smarter with powerful device management

Airtame Cloud is a platform that lets you manage all your devices from one central place. It’s easy to use and comes with a rich feature set for multiple use cases to boost productivity and engagement.

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Trusted by 18.000+ forward-thinking workplaces

Hassle-free maintenance

More freedom for teams, fewer support requests for IT admins. Monitor, update, and configure all your Airtame devices.

Fool-proof digital signage

Unlock your screen’s potential with dynamic eye-catching content that engages and boosts performance – without the expensive signage equipment.

Benefits for the organization

Optimize your time for maximum productivity

Increase operational efficiency by up to 95% with our cloud-based control center that makes it simple to manage, monitor and analyze behavior and usage across the organization from the comfort of your desk.

Securely allow users to customize their screens

Safely delegate control and customization options where needed based on teams or reporting lines, all made with enterprise security in mind, so IT leads can focus on high-priority work.

Unlock top performance across the organization

Let departments and teams work with business-relevant tools, all accessible from the native app store for digital signage. Our collection of enterprise apps cover all categories, using visual communication to drive better performance.

All the features

Remote cloud-based management

Bulk edit settings, push device updates from anywhere – even a different network.

Access control for enterprise

Safely authorize different levels of users to administer Airtames across departments.

Bespoke messaging

Tailor your screens with essential information to create a unified experience for guests and employees.

Intuitive digital signage

Easily display dynamic content using one solution for all your screens – no extra hardware required.

Flexible screen orientation

Show vertical content, like meeting room schedules, for more flexible display options.

What our customers say

Over 10,000 organizations and counting are boosting productivity with Airtame Cloud.

Airtame revolutionised our meetings and presentations. Airtame Cloud is a brilliant addition allowing me remote access and digital signage, something our Marketing Department has been calling out for months.
Tim Darch

Digital Marketing & Analytics Manager, Quickgrind

Airtame reduces the complexity and learning curve necessary for the implementation of extremely high quality digital signage . We can change the content on the fly and the person in charge of the content can do this anywhere on the planet.
George Kalman

President, Sensoria Netowrking Inc.

Digital signage

Transform your blank screens into something extraordinary. Use our growing roster of native apps and integrations* to present engaging, informative content across your screens

*Airtame apps are free to try in beta mode

    Trello boards

    For informed project management.

    Icon/Apps/PowerBi Created with Sketch.

    PowerBI (coming soon)

    Visualize data in real-time with Microsoft PowerBI business dashboards.

    Icon/Apps/Youtube Created with Sketch.

    Youtube (coming soon)

    Stream any video on Youtube and even entire playlists on a loop in brilliant quality.

    Icon/Apps/Image Created with Sketch.


    Personalize your screens with a custom branded image on Homescreen.

    World Clock

    To easily sync up across workspaces.

    Dropbox Gallery

    Sync to a Dropbox folder to display a gallery of your own images.

    Icon/Apps/Unsplash Created with Sketch.


    Showcase beautiful photography.

    OneDrive Gallery

    Sync to a OneDrive folder to display a gallery of your own images.

    Icon/Apps/Google slides Created with Sketch.

    Google Slides

    Create noticeboards and news presentations to showcase as screensavers.

    Icon/Apps/Room Overview Created with Sketch.

    Room Overview

    Sync your booking calendar to get a practical overview of your scheduled meetings and events across all rooms. .

    Icon/Apps/Website Created with Sketch.


    Bring your screens to life with dynamic dashboards, custom info screens, or any other website.

    Icon/Apps/Homescreen Preview Created with Sketch.


    Get a first look at the new Airtame Homescreen. Customize it with functions, like a clock and a room calendar.

    See Airtame in action

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