10k shipped devices and counting!

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Jonas Gyalokay
May 25th, 2015

Dear patient preorders and contributors, This is the update we’ve been waiting to write since the end of our campaign on January 21st 2014… It’s coming towards the end of a really crazy month for us here at AIRTAME. We’ve also reached a crazy milestone in that:

+10000 AIRTAMEs have been shipped to +100 countries!

It’s another milestone in a long journey that started back in the summer of 2013. This, however, is only the beginning, and with this we’re really excited to announce that we will be shipping all contributions from Indiegogo and website pre-orders in the coming 2-4 weeks.

With the partnership of EET Europarts, it’s meant that we’re able to provide a much better coverage and be able to ship much more effectively than ever before. The integrations took a little longer than expected, but we’ve managed to ship over 8500 devices out in the past few weeks to over 100 countries. This means if you are waiting for your device, you will soon receive a notification to confirm your delivery address. It’s really important that you provide these details as clearly and accurately as possible. Once you confirm, it will be sent automatically through the system and dispatched by our logistics partner directly. We cannot change the address once you have confirmed!

Does this mean that everything is “done”?

We’re firm believers of continual iterations and improvements. We’ve made AIRTAME as a living product and that it will constantly evolve and improve over time with easy software (& firmware) updates. This is not to say that we’re shipping you a pre-market product. We’re proud of the way we’ve been able to deliver wireless streaming across multiple operating systems and platforms. The system has been designed in a way that we’re able to improve and streamline the processes quickly and efficiently moving forward.

Every other streaming device provides only one basic way to stream, however with the introduction of our “smart modes”, we’re able to provide users with much greater control over the way they stream. Not only from the aspect of how they connect to the device, but also how options on how you wish to stream your information, with the option of Work, Presentation and Video modes. There is even a full manual option available for those that want to create a perfect unique balance between quality, fluency and latency themselves.

As the hardware is 100% complete and certified, there will be no end to the updates that we will provide for these devices as it’s now a process of a simple over-the-air update that will happen automatically on a regular basis if your device is connected to the internet, The work continues now on refining, updating and ensuring we create the best platform possible for the wireless ecosystem that we know you and the world deserves. We could have spent even more time in development and putting everything together but we simply could not wait any longer and wanted to get AIRTAME into your hands and for you to join the community.

This is just the beginning, and even though we have come a long way from our original roots, we still have even further to go with the help, support and feedback from our community and early adopters such as yourselves.

If you have already received your device

Please check that you are updated to the most recent version.
Firmware – v1.0.0-b2 Software – v1.0.0-b2-6

The AIRTAME should update automatically, otherwise, you can manually update by following this guide

If you are having issues at the moment, we recommend that you check out the forum and the FAQs here.

If you tried to contact us via support

Currently, we’ve got a huge backlog in support and we’re looking to find the best way to ensure that we can answer as many as possible to as many people quickly and efficiently. The delay may mean that a lot of your questions are now out-dated. We’ll try to close as many as possible with informative FAQs in regards to your relevant topic. Please however give us 48hrs in order to get this out to you.

If you are waiting for your order

With AIRTAME contributors and preorders in 100+ countries, shipping fees, duties and shipping time can vary widely. We’ve tried to cover as much as we can, and also included a brief Q & A down the bottom that answers some of the key questions that have arisen throughout the campaign.

Shipping types + Duties and taxes

The majority of pledges included worldwide shipping (+$15). With the move to partner with EET Europarts, we’re able to offer expedited shipped and an improved experience all around. In addition to the shipping fees (of which most of you have already paid), you will be responsible for the tax obligation in your respective jurisdiction. Duties and taxes vary wildly from country to country, state to state, province to province, however, we have worked hard to provide you with an overview. Full details for your region (US / EU / International) are provided below.

For preorders in Europe

Standard shipping is included as part of the total pledge amount. Shipments will be sent directly from our distribution facility in Denmark and then shipped directly with full tracking services.

As we manufacture and ship directly from within the EU, and under the EU agreement, goods are able to be freely exported from a member country to within the EU without any additional local duties, VAT, taxes, GST and/or HST. Basically, if you are in an EU member country there will be no additional charges and will go directly to your delivery address as stated.

For preorders in North America & the Rest of the World

In North America, orders with only 1 unit, will be handled by USPS directly. There will be no tracking available for these orders. For orders in North America with more than 1 unit, they will be handled by UPS express and tracking is provided as standard. Deliveries to outside of North America will be handled by UPS express and will be made available with tracking.

Please expect 3-5 business days from the date of shipment. We will aim to notify you as soon as we have confirmation from our logistics partner that they have shipped.

All orders made from these regions have been made without prepayment of duties, VAT, taxes, GST and/or HST. This means that even though you have paid for the shipping, your country of residence/delivery might incur additional taxes, duties and customs fees levied by the customs office in your country. This will likely mean your shipment will be held by customs until duties and taxes are paid. All orders (outside of those mentioned above) will be handled by UPS express. Please note, we are not currently able to provide delivery to North Korea and Russia. EDIT: Currently also not available to Russian residents (see comments below). There are however 3rd party providers that would be able to help by using a mail forwarding service.

For preorders to Norway and Switzerland

These shipments must be treated the same as an International export. This means that all orders will be made without prepayment of duties, VAT, taxes, GST and/or HST. This means that even though you have paid for the shipping, your country of residence/delivery might incur additional taxes, duties and customs fees levied by the customs office in your country. This will likely mean your shipment will be held by customs until duties and taxes are paid.

Shipping FAQ

Below is a quick summary of key questions and answers that have arisen over the time specified in relation to shipping and additional taxes/duties. Some may have been answered elsewhere or can be found at support.airtame.com – but thought it important to provide them again just in case.

Q: I’ve already paid $15 for shipping – why does it cost more money?

A: The additional fee that is being asked for is payable directly to the customs office in your country. We do not receive any part of this fee, nor is it of our choice. We are simply abiding by the rules and regulations set forth in your country of residence.

Q: I contributed / preordered in different batches. Will they ship separately?

A: We’ve tried to combine as many contributions/preorders together as possible, however, if you’ve used a different email address and/or delivery address then it will mean that it might be missed. Please notify preorders@airtame.com if this applies to you, and we can ensure then to batch the orders together.

Q: I also have accessories in my contribution / order. When will these arrive?

A: They will be shipped separately and directly from our warehouse here in Denmark. The same rules apply for your region in accordance to additional payment of duties, VAT, taxes, GST and / or HST.

Q: How long exactly will it take to receive my order?

A: From when it is shipped from the warehouse you’ll receive a notification from us along with your shipping details and tracking number if available. From there it will take 1-2 working days from within EU, 3-5 working days to North America and 5-8 working days to the Rest of the World.

Q: Where can I see my order?

A: It depends on when you contributed/ordered your device. Original indiegogo contributors (Nov 2013 – Jan 2014) can check out the details via airtame.backerkit.com using the email that you originally contributed with.

Preorders that start with 101 or 202 can view the order and shipping details directly via airtame.com/my-orders
InDenmand indiegogo contributions (Sept 2014 – March 2015) can also view the contribution and shipping details via airtame.com/my-orders

Interested? Let’s talk.

Jonas Gyalokay
Jonas is an entrepreneur at heart. He's the co-CEO & co-founder at Airtame. And he's the co-founder of two sons with his wife, Amanda. When he's not building, he's probably playing with his kids, eating great food with his wife, listening to an audiobook, out running or watching either basketball or comedy.

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