2018 review: millions of wireless meetings

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2018 review: millions of wireless meetings
Brian Kyed
January 7th, 2019

2018 was the biggest year in Airtame history. Our co-Founder/co-CEO Brian Kyed sheds some light on the milestones we reached, and some incredible Airtame usage data

As we kick-off 2019, it’s natural to reflect and look back at your successes and failures from the years passed. We’ve done that internally at our last all-hands session, the December edition, but thought that it might be nice to share some of our milestones and usage data with our customers, leads and those simply curious about all things wireless.

So without too much gift wrapping, here are some raw numbers from all of us, straight from our data warehouse, to you.

Since our market launch 3.5 years ago, users have had more than 5.5 million wireless meetings and classes using Airtame!
Well, 5,490,894 to be precise, but we think it’s fair to round up.

In October 2018 alone, people had 500,000 meetings and classes powered by Airtame.


In the last 90 days, we had more than 25,000 meetings and classes on average every single business day.

Check out all those meetings per day! We haven’t calculated quite how much time that saves people from having to find the right adapters and fumbling with cables, but we can imagine it’s a lot. Hopefully, that new surplus time has been put to good use – for collaboration and better meetings.

All these meetings equate to more than 1,000,000,000 minutes streamed (that’s a billion – look at all those zeros). In December 2018 alone, Airtame users streamed for 600K hours. That’s a lot of big screen sharing and presentations in one month … hopefully, they were all worth it!

Digging a bit deeper into the numbers and splitting them out over a standard working week, we see that 20.8% of meetings are held on Wednesdays, which is 127% more than people are having on Fridays.

An Airtame device among the 2018 usage data from around the world together with an American flag and five stars

All in all, we are learning a lot from making meeting rooms, classes and huddle rooms wireless all around the world with Airtame. This data is invaluable for us, and it’s amazing to see our solution making a difference to the way people work and educate.

Here are some other milestones we reached in the year 2018:

In short, we are gaining a lot of traction, and we are truly grateful for that. We have a lot of amazing customers relying on us every single day. Everyone from teachers that are now more mobile than ever, and unlocking active learning with Airtame; to teams doing daily standups; to CEOs doing board meetings.

Wireless screen sharing is for everyone in professional and educational environments. Airtame is the way to unlock it.

We are looking forward to offering up even more ways to use screens better in 2019. We can’t wait to show you some of the things we are working on.

Thanks to all our partners. Thanks to all our customers and advocates all around the world. Last but not least, thanks for everyone here at Airtame for making this a special place to work and get inspired.

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Brian Kyed
Brian is co-Founder and CPO at Airtame. He’s the right side of the brain in the business, which is a fancy way of saying he’s a “dream big”, creative type. When he’s not leading on all things design and product related, he’s crushing it on the football pitch as a striker with Airtame FC.

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