5 tips to get your colleagues and guests using Airtame

You just installed Airtame in all your meeting rooms and maybe a couple of office TV’s. Now, it’s time to get your colleagues onboard. Here are 5 easy tips to familiarize your colleagues with Airtame and help them start presenting wirelessly.

Email about Airtame #### 1: Send this email to everybody

We prepared an easy introduction email for you to send to everybody. Simply copy/paste the content below into your email message and send it to everyone. For more templates and resources, check out our help article on onboarding colleagues and guests.

Hi team,

No more cables in our meeting rooms!

Thanks to [Airtame](http://airtame.com/is), we can now wirelessly present content from our computers or mobile devices on the TV’s in the meeting rooms.

I recommend you try it out before your next meeting:

1. Download the app here: [https://airtame.com/start](https://airtame.com/start)
2. Make sure you are connected to [insert WiFi name here]
3. In the app, find the name displayed on the TV and hit start.

See how easy it is here: [Streaming with Airtame video](https://youtu.be/KOfTCEDSWYg))

For any problems or feedback

1. Write the Airtame support team by going to the app settings.
2. Check out this [Streaming with Airtame video](https://youtu.be/KOfTCEDSWYg))
Or send an email to [itmanager@yourcompany.com]

Learn More
To see other interesting things you can do with Airtame, click here: [Using Airtame](http://help.airtame.com/using-airtame). It’s a good source of information you might find handy.


Slack about Airtame #### 2: Post this message on the #general channel in Slack Using Slack as well? Then let’s update people on there. Copy/paste this message in the #general channel and everyone will be notified:

Hi @channel
								Great news. We just installed Airtame in our meeting room(s).

								If you would like to show something on the screen from your device, you can now do this wirelessly.
								1. Download the app here: [https://airtame.com/start](https://airtame.com/start)
								2. Make sure you are connected to [insert WiFi name here]
								3. In the app, find the name displayed on the TV and hit start.


Enable 1,2,3 guide

3: Make sure you use our Guide display layout

Airtame modes gif From your Airtame’s settings, you can choose to display a set of instructions on your Airtame’s background. This will make sure that a sidebar appears with all the necessary information to guided people to where they can download the Airtame apps and how to connect.


Speak about Airtame #### 4: Demonstrate Airtame at your next team meeting Nothing beats a quick “show me how” explanation. You might already be using Airtame at your team meetings, so make sure to make a quick onboarding as well.

Speak about Airtame #### 5: Post this print out next to all Airtame enabled screens Maybe your colleagues didn’t get the memo, or maybe they just forgot how to connect to the Airtame. We recommend posting a print out next to all screens that have an Airtame plugged in to make sure colleagues, and guests, can quickly connect their devices.

Don’t worry about writing up a print out yourself - we’ve got you covered. Click one of the links below to download our PDF print out.

Printable guides EU A5 148mm x 210mm: (Click to download)

🇬🇧 English, 🇫🇷 French, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇩🇪 German, 🇩🇰 Danish, and 🇳🇱 Dutch.

Printable guides US Half Letter Size 5.5” x 8.5”: (Click to download)

🇺🇸 English, 🇫🇷 French, 🇪🇸 Spanish.

Preview of Airtame onboarding printable guides

💡 Don’t forget that guests using Windows computers can use our portable app, if there are administrative restrictions on the computer. For ease of use, you can download the app onto a USB dongle, so guests just plug in and open. Read more about our Windows Guest app.

If you’d like to request different types of printouts, have suggestions, or questions, we want to know! Send us an email!