A better way for Hybrid Meetings is here!

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A better way for Hybrid Meetings is here!
Nikki Fabrizio
March 15th, 2022

CastYourCall™ with Airtame Rooms, powered by Airtame Hub

For years, we’ve all suffered through subpar conferencing solutions – and then the majority of meetings turned virtual, with everyone calling in from a remote location. Recently, many have started to return to office, leading to the rise of the hybrid meeting, with a mix of in-person and remote attendees. While we’re glad to see our colleagues in person, these hybrid meetings have only led to an increase in our frustrations.

How many times have you been in a conference room and struggled with any of the following:

  • Laptop struggling to run the meeting due to CPU demands 
  • Iffy wifi causes your calls to drop in and out
  • Figuring out which service the call is hosted on 
  • Can’t find the correct cord to connect your device to the set-up of the room
  • “Can you see my screen?” 
  • “Sorry, having audio issues” 
  • “Your camera isn’t turned on!” 
We get it. A recent McKinsey survey shows that nine out of ten organizations will be combining remote and on-site work. Isn’t it time for a hybrid meeting solution that truly meets your needs? What if you had a solution that was stable, easy to use, and was interoperable with a variety of video conference providers?

We’re proud to introduce the Airtame Rooms subscription, running on the new Airtame Hub device; a conferencing solution built for hybrid workspaces. 

Airtame Rooms

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True Interoperability

With the ability to run both Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls, you’ll have flexibility with scheduling and attending hybrid meetings. A single interface means no confusion and the same easy process each time you join a call. 

Make any room a meeting room

No need to invite a specific room, or room participants, to a meeting anymore. With Airtame’s reputation for a superior screen sharing experience, you can be sure that anyone in the meeting room can screen share to the call securely, without joining the call. Just enter the room and CastYourCallTM from your computer to share it with everyone. 

Airtame Hub

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Always connected

With Airtame hub, take the load of running a hybrid meeting off your device (and off your shoulders.) Video calls run via the Airtame Hub device, ensuring that connectivity, power, and performance will no longer be an issue. Your video conferences will remain stable with built-in Power over Ethernet – and if your device loses connection to the call as the host, the meeting will keep running – no more dropped meetings! 

Secure Setup

With dual HDMI ports and 3 USB ports, you can attach peripherals and screens directly to your Airtame Hub. Worried about your cameras and other accessories wandering off? No need – our custom tamper-proofing and Kensington lock compatibility ensure everything is in place to start a call. 

All controlled by the Airtame App 

Meeting controls right at your fingertips 

Stay in control of the call and all of your peripherals with the easy-to-use Airtame app. Join the correct meeting at the right time every time by accessing your calendar from the Airtame app.

Screensharing, simplified 

Need to share your screen? It’s just like sharing to the main screen from our other Airtame products – use the Airtame app or native protocols like AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast. The best part? The device you’re sharing from doesn’t even need to join the call! 

It’s time to CastYourCall™

Walk into any room and start collaborating! With a simplified software experience and a dependable hardware set-up, you can trust that you’ll get a smooth and productive hybrid meeting experience without worrying about technical difficulties.

The Airtame Hub will be available for pre-order in just a few weeks.  We’ve worked hard to make conferencing easy, and we can’t wait for you to give it a try!

Interested? Let’s talk.

Nikki Fabrizio
As the Content Marketing Manager at Airtame, Nikki helps bring informative content into the world. In her free time, you can find her traveling, hiking, and practicing circus arts.

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