A Year in Review: Airtame 2022

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A Year in Review: Airtame 2022

It’s that time of year again – when we look back at our accomplishments from the past year and look ahead to what the new year holds for Airtame. We’ve become a platform for shared screens by hitting heaps of milestones, rolling out new features, and having more customers and users than ever.
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First, the 2022 stats:

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We’ve had a total of 13,565,909 meetings and classes held with Airtame. (That’s nearly 1.5 MILLION meetings and classes per month!)

The average delay in starting a meeting is 10 minutes and 40 seconds, thanks to the quick connectivity of Airtame Hub & Airtame Rooms; our users saved 135 million minutes this year.

Total hours streamed using Airtame: 3,449,560,416+ hours. That’s over 393,000 years worth of streaming!

And with 568,861 total unique streaming users using Airtame, each user on average streamed 6,063 minutes of content in 2022.

Thank you to our users, who left 74,190 ratings, with an average rating of 4.22 (out of 5), highlighting our products’ consistent, high-quality experience.

Our 2022 Highlights

Introducing Airtame Hub and Airtame Rooms

One of our proudest accomplishments and our main milestone of 2022 – and perhaps in our history!

For years, people suffered through subpar video call meeting solutions, which is why we created a better way for hybrid workspaces. With a simplified software experience for joining a meeting, screen sharing, and a dependable hardware set-up to run it, this collaboration tool allows users can walk into a meeting room without worries.

Introduced at ISE and launched with Microsoft Team capabilities, we’ve since introduced additional features like…

#1 for Cost-Effective Wireless Presentation Solutions

Airtame has been recognized for having the second-largest global market share for Wireless Presentation Solutions (WPS) by FutureSource Consulting. In this latest research report, Airtame was also named the definitive leader in market share in education globally. Moreover, Airtame captures the top spot in the cost-effective WPS category for the second year in a row.

See where we’re going with our Public Roadmap

You asked, and we answered! Our users help guide us on our journey, so we launched our Product Roadmap, allowing users to request a new feature they’d like to see, vote on a feature they want to be prioritized, and stay updated on what we have coming next.

Simplifying device management with updates to Airtame Cloud

We’ve made managing all of your Airtame devices quicker and easier with a variety of updates to Airtame Cloud, including:

  • Playlists – allowing users to create a default playlist to run when screens are idle, schedule playlists, and create multiple playlists that cover all of your use cases and needs.
  • Remote device access – Airtame Cloud has remote access capability to bulk export data from all devices and download device logs. Run diagnostics, configure our network, and more, all from afar.
  • Scheduling – Schedule updates and reboots and set up times for devices to go into power-saving mode.
  • Planned Content – Select a start date and time for specific content to display on your screens. This content will take priority over the default looped content and any regularly scheduled content.

Growing our Partnerships

We’ve created new partnerships with Midwich Australia and Exertis Broadcast, allowing us to increase support for our customers and partners globally. We were also named partner of the year by Van Domburg Partners.

Priming our executive team for future growth

As Airtame grows, we’re setting ourselves up for future success by bringing in the talent and leadership needed to execute our endeavors. In 2022 we’ve welcomed:

Coming Soon

That’s not all we’ve been working on this year…you can look forward to these upcoming features:

  • Local participant screen sharing
  • Online Screen sharing from your browser
  • More conferencing services for Airtame Rooms (Google Meet? A Zoho Meeting? A Webex meeting? That’s a secret we’ll unveil in the new year)

Thank You0

As you can see, it’s been a busy year – and we’re already heading full steam into 2023. Thank you to our customers, users, partners, investors, and teammates for their dedication and support of our journey. We look forward to making users’ tech simpler, smarter, and more engaging in the new year, whether for sharing your screen, video conferencing, or displaying digital signage. Our platform for shared screens can handle it all.

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