Airtame Announces New Solution for Hybrid Meetings

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Airtame Announces New Solution for Hybrid Meetings

Airtame provides the answer to the complexities of hybrid video conferencing with its truly interoperable Airtame Rooms solution running on the new Airtame Hub.

Copenhagen – Feb 16, 2021 – Airtame – a solution provider dedicated to creating better shared screen experiences – proudly unveils a new offering which makes running hybrid meetings simple and reliable. The Hybrid Screens subscription addresses many of the complexities of joining video conferencing from the office, most notably through cross-service capability  by allowing users to join Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls using the same hardware and interface. The new high-performance Airtame Hub device takes the stress out of hybrid meetings, helping the user enter any meeting room and join a call from their personal device with the Airtame App, giving businesses across the globe the assurance of uninterrupted and productive hybrid meetings.

 “It’s clear that hybrid meetings will continue to be an important part of business post-covid, where some people are present at the office and others are joining from home or another location”, says Brian Kyed, Chief Product Officer.

“However, more and more people will join these meetings from a meeting room in the office. And this is where it starts to become complex. They’re confident in how to join a meeting from home, now they need to learn how to join from the office. Is this the correct link? Did we invite the room? How do I share my screen? Airtame Rooms, running on the Airtame Hub, is the answer to making it just as simple to join from a meeting room as it is joining it from your laptop. “

Airtame’s solution provides a reliable and stable experience for all the meeting participants. The Airtame Hub uses a Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled connection to ensure low latency and dependable calls and is physically connected to peripherals such as the room’s camera and microphones. Users can expect high performance across all components and the assurance that the room set-up will remain in place at all times. Moreover, when a video call is running on the Airtame Hub, performance, connectivity and power will never be an issue. Plus, by leveraging the Airtame Cloud, the IT Admin can manage the Airtame Rooms solution remotely on a unified platform.

 The Hybrid Screen subscription, running on the Airtame Hub device, provides flexibility, ease-of-use and stability. Users can see and join current and upcoming meetings in the Airtame App via their calendar or directly join from a meeting link they receive in email or chat. Airtame’s conferencing solution also permits screen sharing with the Airtame App or native protocols like AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast from a personal device without having to join the call. Additionally, the Airtame Hub will ensure stable video calls and meeting continuity even if a device loses connection.

 Airtame’s new hybrid conferencing solution will be widely available for pre-order in April, with a small number of licenses available to interested customers now. To find out more and register for updates, please visit

About Airtame

 Airtame creates a simpler, smarter and more engaging shared screen experience, offering subscription-based solutions for hybrid conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage. Anyone can effortlessly share from their personal device to the screen on the wall, whether a student in the classroom or a team member in a hybrid meeting.. The Airtame platform is centrally-managed,  allowing for ease of control when displaying information on screens across the organization, and making video conferencing secure and reliable. From K12 classrooms to college lecture halls, retail stores to coworking spaces, and conference centers to regional offices, Airtame makes screens smarter.  

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