4 ways to spice up your screens with Airtame Cloud apps

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4 ways to spice up your screens with Airtame Cloud apps
Jessica Navarro
April 15th, 2019

Use the Airtame Cloud apps to create dazzling digital signage that will wow your guests and co-workers

Airtame is a powerful tool for wireless screen sharing between your computer and a display screen. But did you know that it is also a creative digital signage solution?

Rather than leave your TV on standby with a blank and boring screen when you’re not presenting, you can use the Airtame Cloud apps to display custom content and jazz up your workplace or school. You can customize Airtame’s Homescreen through Airtame Cloud, our device management tool you can access from your web browser.

We designed Airtame Cloud to make an IT admin’s job as easy as possible. One way is by giving them the option to assign user roles on Airtame Cloud to people in your organization.

That means an IT admin can safely assign your company’s marketing manager, for example, the role of “user.” This role gives them access to our Homescreen apps with no risk of the device settings being tinkered with. Assigning user roles opens up a whole world of signage possibilities with little effort.

To give you and your colleagues some inspiration, we want to show you just a few reasons why your organization needs to start using Homescreen apps.

Keep track of different time zones

Our World Clock app is our most simple app integration, which makes it an excellent app to start with if you’re new to custom digital signage. The idea is simple: display up to three clocks from different time zones on your screen.

When you have team members who work in a different timezone, keeping multiple clocks presented helps bring them a little bit closer, because it helps you envision their daily routine. In our case, it helps our Copenhagen team remember when the North America team is waking up, so we know when we can count on them to help with customer support.

Airtame Cloud apps allow you to present world clocks on your screens

Sync with your team

If you’re unfamiliar with Trello, it is a fresh way of organizing your projects with highly visual boards lined up in columns. For a  boost of efficiency, use the Trello app on Airtame’s Homescreen to display your Trello boards on a shared TV screen for everyone on your team to see.

Trello’s column design makes it easy to track your project’s progress at a glance. Not only is it nice to look at, but it also saves you the time spent trudging through spreadsheets. Let’s face it, spreadsheets are useful for tracking project results, but not very inspirational to look at.

Displaying a Trello board on a shared screen seems like a small thing, but keeping your team up to date with the latest activities on a project is a powerful way to stay aligned, especially for cross-team projects.

If the “Done” column on the Trello board looks a bit empty, it could help light a fire under your team to buckle down and get to work. And when everyone sees the “Done” column full, you can celebrate your hard work together.

Read more on how to use Trello.

Use Airtame Cloud apps to present digital signage and your project management boards from Trello

Create an inspiring environment

We think workplace environment has a significant impact on productivity. People want to feel inspired when they come to work and if their office is drab, then they won’t feel energized to do great work.

Placing art on the walls creates a feeling in the room that was not there before. It’s the reason why even a doctor’s office is filled with calming pictures. With the Unsplash app on Airtame’s Homescreen, you can choose from a growing collection of stunning photography. It helps set the mood in your office so that your TV screens reflect your company’s values.

At Airtame, we have a screen by the coffee machine with a collection of coffee photography. It helps create a relaxed environment so that people can enjoy a quick break with their coffee before powering up for the next meeting.

With the Unsplash app integrated into Airtame’s Homescreen, just type in a keyword into the search function and choose from Unsplash’s many photo collections. You can even choose how often the images rotate through, from every 5 seconds to every 10 minutes.

Use Airtame Cloud apps to present stunning photography around the workspace with Unsplash

Share team news

Our most used app is Google Slides. It’s simply the easiest way to display information in a fast, yet eye-catching way. At Airtame, we use Google Slides on the TV by our entrance in a handful of different ways.

When we have new team members, for instance, we use Google Slides to introduce them to the rest of the company with a quick picture and some fun facts about them. Other times, we share some group pictures from a photoshoot for our website, which makes for a nice conversation starter for people walking by.

The true beauty of this use case is that anyone can create a Google Slides slideshow. If you’ve already made a slideshow, it’s simply a matter of logging in with your Google account and selecting your presentation. It’s easy enough that you can change it up as often as you want.

Check out this article for more tips on spicing up your Google presentations.

Make your mark with the Google Slides Airtame Cloud app

What’s coming up next?

Airtame is a living product, which means we’re updating what you and your team can do with it all the time. This extends to Homescreen. In addition to the apps listed in this post, we have more amazing apps soon to be released in beta for you to try out.

The apps we have up our sleeve include Homescreen Preview, a meeting room app that would let you see whether the room is free or booked. We will also add a OneDrive integration, similar to our current Dropbox app, and a Power BI integration, which lets you display top-notch business reports and dashboards.

How to customize your Homescreen

You can find all our apps and integrations in the Homescreen tab on Airtame Cloud. Simply follow the instructions to sync the apps with your accounts.

Have a cool app or integration idea that you want to see on your Homescreens? Let us know! Fill out our survey on Homescreen usage.

Take our Homescreen apps for a spin! Sign up for Airtame Cloud and start spicing up your screens

Interested? Let’s talk.

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