AIRTAME keeps getting better - new version is now available!

Entering the second half of 2015 we’re now releasing the next version of the AIRTAME software - v.1.0.2. And as it goes, “it’s the best damn update to AIRTAME, since the last one..” The new version includes:

The new version includes:

If you want the full changelog then head over to our forum

(Note: Here’s a guide if you need help updating your AIRTAME(s). And here’s one if you need help updating your computer application.)

Currently in progress..

But! V.1.0.2 is of course not the end goal with our product! Since AIRTAME can easily be updated over-the-air, we will of course keep improving the software and add new features as we go. Based on your feedback here’s what we’re working on for the next release:

All in all we’re focusing heavily on three major areas: stability, performance and ease of use for all platforms - before adding some of the ‘bigger’ features such as extended desktop. We would still love your feedback, so if you have any ideas, please visit our forum.

Some useful resources

Before we leave you to it, we have collected some resources that might be beneficial to you. Here are some guides that can help you get the most out of AIRTAME:

Thanks for all of your support, it really, really, really means the world. And we definitely wouldn’t be here without you.