Airtame Partners with Danish Company EPOS to Provide Simple and Easy Hybrid Meetings in Enterprise

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Airtame Partners with Danish Company EPOS to Provide Simple and Easy Hybrid Meetings in Enterprise

New York, NY, October 3, 2023 – Airtame, creator of the hardware-enabled SaaS platform that allows seamless screen sharing, digital signage and video conferencing collaboration in businesses and schools, today announced a strategic alliance with fellow Danish company EPOS, provider of premium audio and video solutions for enterprise, to provide users with simple, easy and flawless hybrid meetings in offices across the globe.

“Quality audio and video are critical for a successful collaboration experience, and EPOS has pioneered premium technologies that level-up the sophistication of both,” said Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame Co-Founder. “By pairing Airtame’s hybrid conferencing platform with EPOS’ line of innovative audio and video solutions for enterprise, we are significantly elevating the meeting experience in today’s offices.”

Through the new strategic alliance, Airtame Hybrid is now compatible with the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1M, EXPAND Vision 1, EXPAND 30 Series, EXPAND 40 Series, and EXPAND 80 Series, providing optimal hybrid meeting solutions for small, mid-sized, and large conferencing spaces.

Airtame Hybrid, the company’s most advanced conferencing platform provides intuitive, seamless hybrid meeting experience possible, and is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon, Google Meet and Webex. With innovative features including Airtame’s Share from Browser and Share to Call, which enable optimized screen sharing and video conferencing from personal devices without the need to download software applications, Airtame Hybrid is a comprehensive solution for hybrid collaboration, now made even more adaptable with EPOS devices compatibility.

EPOS’ solutions empower businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate – anytime, anywhere and on any device. EPOS uses the most advanced audio and collaboration technologies to create solutions that are powerful, reliable, and easy to use.

“Our partnership with Airtame empowers us to deliver even more effectively on our customers’ needs – ensuring flawless and flexible hybrid meetings. Through a seamlessly integrated user experience provided by Airtame, coupled with EPOS audio and video solutions, organizations can expect streamlined and inclusive hybrid meetings, where every meeting participant is seen and heard with absolute clarity,” said Theis Mørk, Vice President, Global Product Management, EPOS.

About EPOS

EPOS designs, manufactures, and sells high-end audio and video solutions for gamers and business professionals around the world.

Based on decades of psychoacoustic research, EPOS designs audio gaming solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics that provide the best conditions for the brain, enabling gamers to react faster, communicate better and experience full immersion.

Owned by the world-leading hearing healthcare and audio technology group, Demant, and with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS builds on more than 115 years’ audio expertise and operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 60 countries.

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About Airtame

Airtame’s hardware-enabled SaaS platform is revolutionizing the way people connect and engage with screens in virtually any type of building and space. By making meeting rooms, classrooms, and common areas more dynamic through easy-to-use technology, Airtame is transforming the user experience for everyone – regardless of whether they are in the building or on the other side of the screen.

Thanks to its intuitive hybrid conferencing, screen sharing, and digital signage features, Airtame is the only solution in the market that powers all screens and allows for remote management through a single interface. Airtame’s mission is to empower everyone to connect, conference, and collaborate on the same screen, in the easiest yet most advanced way.

Founded in 2013, Airtame is trusted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide to facilitate over 1.5-million monthly meetings in over 100,000 classrooms and meeting spaces. The Airtame team is strategically stationed in offices in New York, Copenhagen, and Budapest.

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