App update 2.1: Chromebook support and more

Airtame’s latest 2.1 app is loaded with fixes and other improvements that make the streaming experience smoother. Let’s talk about some of the improvements.

Chromebook support 🎉

We’re already cross-platform, but now you can stream from yet another platform with Airtame. Please welcome our new Chromebook support.

Chromebook download

*It's officially on our [downloads]( page!*

Allowing you to share content from any of your computers is at the core of our product. Chromebook is an excellent addition, considering their growing popularity in schools.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chromebook, it’s a laptop running Chrome OS. It’s produced by Google and is designed to work, for the most part, in the Cloud. That means most of your apps and data are located in the Cloud, as opposed to the physical laptop.

You can download the Airtame app for Chromebook from the Google Web Store here. But the app isn’t perfect yet. For example, the Chromebook app doesn’t support audio yet since we’ve split up the project into two: video support first, audio support later. The latter requires more research to get to the quality we aim for.

Yes, the app is still quite new, which is why we want to ask you to try it out and let us know what you think. To get in contact with us, you can start a chat at the bottom right of this page. ⇘

Download the app from the Google Web Store here.

Look and feel 👀

The app settings panel in the Airtame app is now reorganized and a lot easier on the eyes.

In general, we tweaked the margins, icons, and made sure everything was lined up neatly. The result is a nice, clean look that makes it easy to find all the important info you need.

You can find the settings panel by clicking “⚙ settings” on the bottom left corner of the app.

Bugs and other fixes 🐛

“I love bugs in my software!” said no one ever. What we do love around here is fixing those bugs if they do pop up.

In this update, we fixed an issue while streaming during which users would see a spinning wheel. The spinning wheel usually only shows for a couple seconds before starting a stream, but in these cases the wheel kept spinning.

Some Windows users also saw a Javascript error message, which is now gone.

On Mac, there was an issue with the Soundflower audio plugin. Users weren’t able to properly install the plugin, which caused issues with audio while streaming. This is no longer a problem.

Other fixes

Talk nerdy to me 👓

Some of our changes are like the work crew behind the curtains of a theatre stage. They keep the whole show running, but they work unseen.

Electron update

For the truly geeky of you, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve updated Electron to the 1.4.3 version. This applies for Windows, OSX and Linux using Chrome 53 and node 6.5.0. This means CPU and RAM consumption are significantly improved, more stable, and the package is way smaller.

RPM package for Linux

Linux now has an RPM package for the non-debian distribution (but this doesn’t mean that we support those distributions officially).

Refactoring for Chromebook

We did a thorough refactoring of the app in order to make sure we could support Chromebook in the best way possible. It also was a nice excuse to do some deep cleaning of Airtame’s frontend, backend, and core code.

Icing on the cake 🍰

As if the improvements listed in this post weren’t enough, we also managed to reduce the size of the application. On OSX, the size of the app is up to 9Mb smaller.

Go update your app 💻

Ready to see the updated app in action? Open your app and click in the green banner.

Looking for the Chromebook app? Go to our Downloads page here.