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Announcing our new partnership with Appspace!

Digital Signage
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Announcing our new partnership with Appspace!
Luke Richardson
June 6th, 2019

When two become one: we’re partnering with Appspace to offer users the best in class screen experience for smart organizations

We are in the business of helping smart organizations world over reduce cable mess, increase productivity, and make work and education environments more seamless and inspiring through good use of screens. With over 18,000 organizations using our Airtame technology, we are proving that this mission is a valuable and important one.

One other thing we deeply care about is collaboration – allowing customers the right environment to unlock it, and factoring collaboration into the way we work, too.

That’s why we are excited to announce a brand new product partnership that will help us help you – our committed customers – to start using screens better. Enter Appspace.

What is Appspace?

AppSpace is the leading software platform for communication in the workspace. The technology allows you to devise, manage and distribute compelling digital signage across any office environment. Simply put, if you have something important to share with your team, peers or guests, you need Appspace.

And, good signage needs good screens! This new partnership will allow users of both Appspace and Airtame to sync the platforms, and share content to screens in a more efficient, easy manner.

See it in action at Infocomm!

While we are merely teasing this exciting new partnership here, we will make a bigger splash at Infocomm 2019 next week.

Infocomm is the biggest annual pro-AV event in all of North America, and we’ll be on site showcasing the benefits of Airtame for smart businesses. Furthermore, we’ll be joined by Appspace representatives who can talk through the benefits of their best-in-class team communications technology.

Join us

And, best of all, you can still get into Infocomm for free! Just visit the website, hit “REGISTER NOW!”, enter your details and use the code AIR501 at checkout for a totally free ticket. That’s a saving of $299 (almost the price of an Airtame).

Once you’ve registered for your free ticket, schedule a meeting with our team so we can answer all your questions about Airtame, this amazing new Appspace integration, and how you can use screens better in your organization.


Luke Richardson
Luke's a talker, writer, and the all-round editor at Airtame Blog. When he is not pwning grammar mistakes, he's collecting records, cooking Mexican food or dreaming about a wireless world – you've got to believe!

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