Business Dashboards – What are they? And why are they worth it?

By Ben Carpel, CEO at Cyfe

Is it worth the time, resources, and effort to set up a business dashboard to be visualized on a TV via a device like Airtame?

As an ex-investment professional turned CEO, it’s safe to say that I have a passion for numbers. The more data, the better our business insight, right? Not completely.

The key to a fool-proof strategy is not simply more data, but organized data. The good news is that you don’t have to do this all manually. Business dashboards are monumentally important for helping you cut through data to get to the real key metrics.

What is a business dashboard? 📈

Well, we’ll first explore what a business dashboard is, for the unfamiliar. In short, a business dashboard – also known as a business wallboard or Key Performance Indicator dashboard – shows you all of your organization’s key metrics in one centralized place, typically with visualizations. So, you can visualize data from multiple platforms and sources in one screen.

Projecting a dashboard on your organization’s TV (or TVs) allows your entire team to see at a glance how they’re doing in real-time. It can quickly identify areas of weakness, success stories, as well as provide inspiration for everyone to try harder. Consider it a stadium scoreboard in the office, inspiring further positive performance.

With Airtame, it’s easy for anyone to display dashboards on a big screen.

But how easy? Do I need to be a tech expert? 😱

Luckily, dashboard tools have been created explicitly to harness the many sources that are important to your business: sales data, social media performance, marketing channels, customer service performance, and coordinating project management.

They’re tools that are easy to install, operate, login, and most of all, compatible with Airtame. And they need not be complicated or expensive.

Generally speaking, it can be as simple as a three step process.

Steps to Setting Up a Business Dashboard with Airtame in Under 10 Minutes

STEP 1: Set up the dashboard tool

Sign up with a dashboard tool, such as Cyfe.

Cyfe is a SaaS, cloud-based solution that enables you to monitor your organization’s progress on the go, or, in this case, in the office. It can plug in dozens of services from different categories (sales, finance, marketing, advertising, analytics, etc.). Just sign up using your email, then add the metrics you want to track.

For example, let’s say you want to track your organic visitors from Google Analytics, your Salesforce prospects, and your proprietary database that includes your top 20 customers to see how repeat purchases are going. That’s easy enough and mostly involves, pointing, clicking, and authenticating the sources into the dashboards via secure OAuth connections.

💡 You will need to create a public URL for your dashboard, such as Cyfe’s TV Mode dashboard, to display it with Airtame.

STEP 2: Ready the TV

Now that your dashboard is set up, you just need to ready it for the beautiful TV you have displayed in the office!

Plug in your Airtame to the TV’s HDMI port and follow the instructions shown on the screen to connect the Airtame device to your office WiFi network.

STEP 3: Display dashboards using Airtame

The last step is to use the Airtame app to display your Cyfe dashboard on the TV.

Cyfe’s TV Mode and public URLs both work with Airtame. Simply copy/paste the URL into the Airtame’s device settings and Airtame will instantly load your dashboard.

It’s as simple as that! In under 10 minutes, you’ve successfully brought your organization’s most important stats, updated in real-time, to be clearly and publicly viewable for you and your colleagues.

Let’s recap all the benefits

The great thing about this setup includes a multitude of reasons:

And just look at that - without the need for HDMI or video cables, or a deep technical expertise, you’ve set up an affordable, easy-to-use KPI dashboard for your team.

And the value will be incredible for your team – a high ROI key performance indicator that is convenient and nicely visualized on your Airtame-driven business dashboard!

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