Airtame is looking for Alpha Testers

Airtame, testing is an important part of our product development process. That’s why before an Airtame product update is released to the public, it goes through two phases of testing. The development cycle therefore has three general phases:

Since we believe in open collaboration, we are now opening up for new members in the Alpha group of testers and we’re looking for tech geeks who are passionate about gadgets. It’s a tremendous help to us, since alpha testing lets us test with a larger combination of hardware and operating system versions than we are able to test in the office.

Criteria to become an Alpha Tester for Airtame

Benefits to being an Alpha Tester

What we expect

Information you get as an Alpha tester in the Alpha Forum

We hope you want to join our small team in getting rid of these terrible cables.

Wireless HDMI team


If you’re in for the ride, follow the link to our forum and write us a comment in this thread telling us a little about yourself (