Christmas Dashboard Competition

The holiday season is approaching. It has been a rollercoaster of a year for us. A lot of hard work has been put in. Things have gone well. Things have turned out unexpectedly once in awhile. Either way, we continuously put our hearts and hands into improving the AIRTAME dongle and the company as a whole.

####### TL:DR

However, we are nowhere near done. In fact, we are just getting started.

Our Development team is working hard everyday to improve the Airtame software and firmware. The team is super skilled and get their kicks out of writing code of the highest quality. Expect more improvements and innovation to come in the new year.

Our Experience team is doing cool stuff in terms of marketing our product, continuously discovering new markets and use-cases, while making sure that user friendless goes side-by-side with the technological breakthroughs.

And lastly, our Sales team is ramping up on the sales front with people on the ground on both the East and West Coast in the U.S., plus a new Nordic sales manager. On top of that, we’re finding strategic sales and distributions partners, like EET, which we’re thrilled about.

By the way, if you are wondering what it’s like to work for AIRTAME, take a look at this post: Why Join the AIRTAME Engineering Tribe

Well. That’s enough about us. Let’s get to the point of this post: our Christmas dashboard competition!

##Get your dashboard on

In September, we launched a feature that most AIRTAME owners still haven’t discovered. The Dashboard feature started out as a hack we used in our office, but we found it so useful that we released it in beta form and continue to make improvements on it.

Since then, those who have started utilizing it in their offices are reporting it to be rather addictive and sticky (in a good way). The Dashboard feature lets you display certain types of content on your splashscreen (i.e., the screen you see when you are not actively streaming to your AIRTAME).

Initially, we had the idea that we wanted to share some positive holiday vibes with all of you. The plan was to create a seasonal cozy splashscreen greeting that you could display in your offices using the dashboard feature.

The more we thought about it, we realized this would be a great time to give an extra shout-out about the dashboard feature and how to set it up.

Let me give you the step-by-steps.
  1. Open the AIRTAME widget
  2. Go to Settings of your desired AIRTAME
  3. Click the Display tab
  4. Set splashscreen mode to Dashboard
  5. Insert the dashboard’s URL:
  6. Click Apply New Settings and wait for AIRTAME to restart
  7. Enjoy your dashboard!

dashboard set up instructions

So, you see. In a few easy steps, you can make your AIRTAME a valuable asset, even while not actively streaming from your computer.

Earlier, we shared a post that goes into more detail on the dashboard functionality. To read more on this, follow this link.

Now, coming back to the good holiday vibes. Winter is coming and we could all use something to brighten up the work day. That’s why we made you a festive holiday greeting from our tribe to yours.

Follow the instructions above and paste in the URL below to get it as your dashboard.

#### []("target="_blank)

picture of christmas dashboard in office

##Win an extra AIRTAME

As an extra incentive to try this feature out, we are launching a small competition. It is very simple. You can do it. We believe in you.

All you have to do is:

Take a picture of either the AIRTAME holiday dashboard or your company’s own dashboard displayed in your office and tag us @airtame in a post on a social media of your choice.


Send us the picture to

We will let you know who won the AIRTAME by December 22nd.

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