Great news! Chromebook streaming is fixed

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Great news! Chromebook streaming is fixed
Simon Hangaard
June 19th, 2018

The Airtame QA team have been busy squashing Chromebook bugs, and we have found an almighty fix

If you’re a Chromebook OS65+ user, you’ve probably experienced some problems streaming to Airtame recently. We’ve been working hard to fix this and are happy to say that we with Firmware 3.2.2 and Chromebook app 3.2.2 are allowing users to stream again.

It wasn’t easy but we fixed it

Recently Google eliminated support for the H264 video encoding mechanism that we are usually using to compress the stream before sending it to an Airtame. It meant that users with ChromeOS65+, unfortunately, couldn’t stream. With our latest update, we’re introducing support for the VP8 encoding and decoding mechanism in the Chromebook app and on the Airtame device respectively. We put a lot of time and effort into solving the problem, and we’re happy to announce that we succeeded.

All users are important

Our solution is platform-agnostic, and not being able to stream using Chromebook was problematic for many of our users. Solving it relieves a lot of stress in environments that utilize several platforms, such as classrooms. Part of ongoing strategy with fixing bugs and solving issues like this is to get feedback from our users as we update the product.

We’re constantly evolving and improving Airtame, and we can’t do it without inputs, comments, and suggestions from all of you who use it or would like to use it. We have a proactive approach to talking with customers, with equal weight on customer success and customer support. It means that we not only focus on solving current issues but also deep-dive into longer conversations. That way, we foster better long-term relationships and stay updated on what’s on your mind.

Make sure to update your Airtame devices firmware and roll-out the latest Chromebook App, to ensure that users can keep streaming after your Chromebooks have been updated.

Are you a Chromebook user or do you plan to be? If you have any special requests or suggestions on how we can improve the experience, please let us hear them.

Need a refresh on how to stream from a Chromebook? This article will help you.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Simon Hangaard
As Product Manager Simon spends his time hanging out with Airtame's end customers to make sure they are streaming smoothly and to gather feedback. Apart from work he's an avid home-cook.

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