Update your Airtame device to 2.1

In our latest update to the firmware running on the Airtame device, Airtame 2.1 builds on all the good stuff launched with the 2.0 update in August. Check out the post below for details on what’s new and improved in Airtame 2.1.

*☝️ If you see this message, it's time to update!*

News 📰

More dashboards and websites supported

In our 2.0 update, we introduced an upgrade to a Chromium 47 browser, which runs more efficiently than our previous browser. In this 2.1 update, we updated to Chromium 51, which means even more dashboards and websites are supported now. 💪

FYI, Grafana dashboards are now supported, so try that out if you happen to have a Grafana account.

Improvements 🔧

The Airtame device will now keep persistent log files of your device’s activities. This is going to be a big help to our developers when it comes to debugging. Even if you reset the device, we will still be able to see under the hood and look for any problems.

And speaking of car analogies, we use a customized Linux distribution you might have heard of, called Fedora. Well, if Fedora were a car, let’s just say we replaced the engine, but kept the frame and tires. We’ve recently updated Fedora, which means we also changed the oil and aligned the tires. 🚙

Amongst tweaks here and there, we reworked some networking components. This means after powering the device on, it will be ready to use more quickly.

Bug fixes 🐛

We get our kicks off squishing bugs, so the firmware update comes with some nice fixes.

For example, there was a bug where 5GHz WiFi was misbehaving. The access point wasn’t working at times, which meant the device wasn’t showing up inside your WiFi list. Not good. We smoothed this issue out, so now there shouldn’t be any more problems. Excellent. 🔨

Go update your device 👉

Ready to update your Airtame device? Here’s how to check if you have the latest firmware.

Next to your listed Airtame device, click the gear ⚙ icon. In the Device Management window, click the ‘Updates’ tab. This window will tell you what firmware is running on your device.

You can also find the latest changelog here. (Just give it a few seconds to load.)