Getting ready for launch & final hurdles

It’s been a crazy week here at AIRTAME HQ – from the announcement of the deal at the start of the week with EET Europarts as our worldwide logistics provider, we’ve already managed to ship devices to ~3000 eagerly waiting BETA backers in the past few days. This number is more than we have already in the wild currently & we’re on track to have all BETA orders out and en-route in the coming 5-7 days. Since the last release (v0.1.6) we’ve been working hard within the team to determine the final milestones before we can create a release ready for the first public version (v1.0.0). There are a lot of things to be achieved in a very short space of time, so we recently took it upon ourselves to uproot the entire office (and staff) to a remote location in the Danish countryside for 2 entire weeks. It’s from this camp we’ve set the KPIs needed and have been working hard on the last software update (v0.1.7) before we move to v1.0.0-BETA in time for the release in late Q2. You’ll be able to read about the host of changes due in the upcoming software and firmware releases below – otherwise you can check out what we got up to at our “LaunchCamp” in the video.

Since the release of v0.1.6 on the new architecture, we’ve been making great progress with some of the core features, along with going back to basics with the user interface.

We’ve taken what the BETA community have said, and looked to have made major improvements in the usability of the system not only to stream, but to also manage devices / applications.

In the upcoming release we’re going to also see some key elements such as the startup guide with a fresh look and simpler instructions on how to stream for the first time. We hope we’ve now made the process as simple and intuitive as we can.

Installation needs to only happen once. As soon as you’ve got the application, you’ll be able to stream to a nearby AIRTAME within a couple of clicks.

Once you’re set up, we’ve also made underlying changes to the way that you interact with AIRTAME. From the new standard splash screen you’ll get a direct overview of usage notifications and connection strength along with all the information needed to connect all in one place.

The customisable splash screen is something that we introduced in an earlier release, but now we’ve also made a sleeker version that provides a “minimal” look to the system when it’s sitting in “ready to stream” mode.

All of these improvements should make a big difference in how easy it should be to stream. From first time users through to experienced streamers, this should be a seamless experience.

Experimental audio / video sync

As you may have seen in the update video, we’ve been working with how best to now layer audio sync (so that the sound comes from your monitor / TV directly as opposed to the laptop). It’s one of the really big requests, and felt that now would be the time to release it ready for early testing.

In the coming version (v0.1.7) you’ll be able to toggle your audio options directly in the system preferences (will only work on v0.1.7+ firmware – so be sure to update your device when prompted!). This version will be made available in the coming days.

When using audio, we recommend that you apply a sufficient buffering period (this is experimental after all!) and please be patient. It might take a few attempts to determine the best settings for your particular setup / operating system, however once there, you’ll be sure to see a difference in the quality of the stream as to what you were achieving previously.


No update would be complete without a quick update on the shipping process :)

As you may have seen recently, we’ve signed with EET Europarts as our 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider alongside them becoming one of the first master distributors across Europe.

With the new deal, it will see that all the remaining preorders / contributions will be handled through EET Europart’s system automatically (the previous ~3k devices were really labour intensive!). We also get to work with their current logistics providers, which mean were able to swap out our previous 6-8 week shipping down to around 3-5 days with tracking.

This is great news for us moving forward, but it also means we have some major integrations we’re having to implement so that we’re able to streamline.

The process means that as soon as a confirmation is made (in the future an order) we’ll be able to have it picked, packed and ready and waiting for dispatch within 5 minutes.

A number of BETA orders have been leaving in trial batches and will continue throughout this week. Once we’re fully satisfied that everything is set, we’ll get them to clear out everything in a few large batches – the automation process for the future means that we’re really cautious at the moment in how we proceed (as not to lose 000’s of eagerly awaited devices!)

To confirm – if you opted for BETA, your order will be dispatched within the next 7-10 days (this is final, bar a major disaster). Public release devices will be dispatched and made available from throughout June & certified publicBETA devices will be somewhere in between :)