#Good-reads - February

Last month, we shared some #good-reads from our team’s Slack channel.

This month, we’re dishing up 5 more inspirational and teachable posts our team collects from around the web.

Your Life is Tetris. Stop Playing it Like Chess

Tor Bair makes a brilliant analogy between life and Tetris that our inner gamer can completely relate to:

Chess may teach you patience, but Tetris is the only game where you don’t “play to win” but “play to play.”

It’s kind of the same meaning as a poster we have on our office walls: “Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.”

Hiking for Emails: A short film

Ok, this is not strictly a read, but Clemens Purner’s short film Hiking for Emails is too good a share to overlook:

Purner’s video tells the story of Mahabir Pun, who hiked for two days every month just to check his email, which led him on a journey to bring Internet access to his village in Nepal.

Everyone, not only startups, can take a page from his book.

10 UX Copywriting Tips for Designers

A healthy reminder that tech companies need to step their content game up. John Moore Williams gives 10 great tips for writing content made for the user:

He believes we should write content that works together with great web design, instead of coming as an afterthought.

Designing in the Open

A read that will appeal to the Agile developer in you:

Duncan Malashock proposes a faster, more collaborative way of designing, whether you’re working on site or from a remote location.

The key to a faster design process?

Quick and relevant feedback, Malaschok says.

Cut Meetings in Half

Gary Vaynerchuk is a crowd favorite around these parts.

His straight-to-the-point way of working inspires us to continue cutting out time-wasters and focusing on what’s important to grow our product.