#Good-reads - January

At AIRTAME, we use Slack for all our internal communication. We love it. It’s got everything a growing startup could need.

For those who have never used Slack, it is a communication tool, which acts like a chat messenger. Chats are divided into what Slack calls Channels, so you can filter content within the platform. For example, we have a #sales-team channel for our Sales team to share relevant information on leads and a #dev-team channel for our team of engineers to talk shop on.

A new channel we recently added is #good-reads. This is our channel for sharing interesting, thoughtful pieces that give our team value and inspiration. Some of you might have New Year’s resolutions to keep, so we want to share the top 5 #good-reads of this month to inspire you to keep going.

###8 Things Every Person Should do Before 8 am

Benjamin Hardy understands life is busy, but advises that we don’t get stuck in survival mode. His philosophy is: Take care of yourself and it will show in your work. Read his post on 8 things you can do in the morning to start moving forward towards your goals.

###The Two Types of Engineers

Ross Williamson’s post on ThinkFaster shares the two types of engineers and why it’s a good idea to have a balance of both on a team. We agree that most engineers are a mix of the two types. This #good-read helped us appreciate our team of mixed personalities even more.

###Why Success Breeds Success

Maria Papova, the brain behind Brain Pickings, shares John Coates findings on how one initial success can have such a strong positive biological effect on a person that it becomes a competitive advantage. Papova concludes that if this is the case, a person can create their own success.

###Q&A with Slack CMO Bill Macaitis

Slack’s CMO, Bill Macaitis, dropped some wisdom during an interview with Mashable. The answer that really stood out to us was to the question, “If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self that pertains to your career in marketing, what would it be?” We use his answer as inspiration to continue strengthening our customer experience.

###Stay Focused on Your Goals Not Your Critics

This last one by Mark Suster is a bit personal to us. As some of you may or may not know, Airtame’s product launch after our Indiegogo campaign was rocky, to say the least.

The product fell short of expectations, but we turned things around by driving forward with our plans and focusing on the great work culture we’ve created. If we had listened to our critics and let that distract us, however, it would be a very different story today.

**What are some of your #good-reads? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below.**