We’re headed to Infocomm!

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We’re headed to Infocomm!
May 7th, 2019

Hot on the heels of our ISE splash in Amsterdam earlier this year, Airtame is headed to the largest pro-AV expo in North America. Here’s what to expect and how you can get in for free

2019 will go down in the Airtame history book as the year where we stepped up our commercial game, and launched ourselves forward as a serious trade show contender. This all started in February where we attended ISE as legitimate first-time exhibitors.

Hosted in Amsterdam, ISE is the biggest annual pro-AV and integrated systems exhibition held in Europe. We showed up as a 17-strong army, all ready to tell the world about Airtame.

And, it worked. In that short week, we spoke to thousands of technology enthusiasts, demoing the Airtame solution and convincing them how our simple to use tech can help improve the way they work and collaborate.

ISE was a huge and exciting phenomenon to be part of, and now we’re doing it all again – Stateside – at Infocomm.

What is Infocomm?

Hosted in Orlando, Florida this June, the exhibition plays host to over 50,000 AV enthusiasts (or, #avtweeps if you’re in the know with Twitter hashtags). If you’ve never been to these sort of events, let me paint a picture.

Bigger is better at Infocomm! The world’s leading electronics companies pay literal millions of dollars every year to build out a dazzling center stage for their new products or systems. There’s glitz, there’s glamour, there are even awards.

In short, it’s quite the spectacle. Attendees show up in their tens of thousands to look through the keyhole at integrated tech systems of the future; at electronics solutions that very few people will ever be able to afford – either as a consumer, a small business, or global enterprise.

Our differentiator

Now, we all love a bit of razzle-dazzle here at Airtame, but we’re trying to do something a little different at Infocomm this year.

Airtame is not a far-off product of the future, it’s in the here and now. A wireless screen sharing device that is platform agnostic, cable-free and collaborative. It’s user-centered, easy to deploy and price competitive. These are the three core values we focus on when we build our product and features, so why not bring them to the trade show floor?

So, we’re heading to Infocomm with another big Airtame team, eager to show you how our easy to use product can enhance your work or school environment, all without breaking your back (or the bank). We value your time, and don’t want to waste it at our booth with empty promises, over-reaching sales pitches or shiny merchandise. The Airtame product is the star of the show.

Ok, there will be some cool and useful merch, but it’s an added extra rather than the star in the spotlight. After all, we’d rather keep our product affordable than spend surplus revenue making more stuff that you’ll stow away in your desk drawer.

Get into Infocomm – for free!

We’d love for you to join us at Infocomm. We cannot pay for your travel to Orlando – let alone the inevitable Disneyland stop-off – but we can offer you a ticket to the entire three-day exhibit and it won’t cost you a thing.

infocomm code 06 1

Just visit the infocommshow.org website, hit “REGISTER NOW!”, enter your details and use the code AIR501 at checkout for a totally free ticket. That’s a saving of $299 (almost the price of an Airtame).

Let’s meet

Whether you are an Airtame power-user or novice, we’d love to see you visit us at Infocomm this year. Once you’ve registered for your free ticket, why not schedule a meeting with our team?

We’ll be waiting at booth #4384. See you in June!

Interested? Let’s talk.


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