How Airtame is used by schools around the world

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How Airtame is used by schools around the world
March 5th, 2021

Airtame is the most used wireless screen sharing solution by schools in North America. It’s also used by schools all over the world, powering over 1 million monthly meetings and classes.

Every school operates differently. As such, the way each of our education customers uses Airtame tends to vary.

Let’s take a look at the different ways Airtame is used within schools around the world.

Creating engaging learning environments with wireless screen sharing

Airtame is a popular solution for wireless screen sharing within education. This is no surprise when you consider how easy it is for both teachers and students to present from any device of their own using Airplay, Miracast, or Google Cast, or through the Airtame app.

The fact that Airtame is a wireless solution also means teachers and students don’t need to bother passing around cables or dongles to connect, and teachers aren’t tethered to the front of the classroom. This facilitates a more interactive, student-centric approach to learning, allowing teachers to check in on individual students, and giving students the opportunity to share their screens with the rest of the class, or during group study time.

This has been the experience for Parkland School District. The school currently uses over 500 Airtame devices to help make lessons more interactive. Teachers are free to move around the classroom, and students can connect with their Chromebook devices, giving them more ownership of their learning experience.

Airtame can also transform legacy projectors and TVs, making classrooms wireless with the simple addition of a VGA adapter. This can help schools with budget constraints to make the most of the technology they already have in place, without needing to invest in additional hardware.

To find out more about Airtame’s wireless screen sharing capability, check out this page.

Keeping students and visitors informed with digital signage

While the majority of our education customers rely on Airtame for wireless screen sharing, more and more are utilizing our digital signage offering. Airtame Cloud is our all-in-one digital signage and remote device management platform, which is available to anyone with an Airtame 2 device.

There are a number of ways digital signage can be used within educational environments to share important information with students, staff and visitors. For example, it can be used to display lunch menus in cafeterias, feature welcome messages in school reception areas, and keep students updated on important safety information in hallways and common areas.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School is a leading prep school in Atlanta, Georgia for students from preschool through to the 12th grade. They’ve recently started using Airtame’s digital signage capability to share information in the school’s lobby areas. Using Google Slides, teachers can share messages in real time throughout the school.

St Albans School is a leading, independent school located in Hertfordshire, England. The school is also using Airtame for digital signage, with a select number of displays in hallways featuring important notices to keep students on track each day. They plan to increase their use of digital signage over the coming year.

For more on Airtame’s digital signage offering, including plans and pricing, check out this page.

Making life easier for IT admins with remote device management

Airtame also offers remote device management through Airtame Cloud. IT administrators can easily manage everyday maintenance for any number of Airtame devices, from anywhere. From conducting remote firmware updates and reboots, to organizing device grouping and management, to changing user roles and access delegation, Airtame Cloud offers a range of device management tools that make life easier for IT administrators.

We’ve received ongoing feedback from customers that device management through Airtame Cloud:
1. Saves IT admins time, with remote updates that can be conducted from anywhere, for any number of devices
2. Minimizes stress, as device performance can be monitored regularly from the Cloud. This reduces the number of support tickets, which means IT admins can focus on other important tasks

Remote device management through Airtame Cloud has made life easier for IT Admins at Keysborough College, a leading secondary school in Melbourne, Australia. The school’s technicians have been impressed by the convenience of Airtame Cloud, and have seen it reduce the need for technical support among teachers and staff.

The same can be said for Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota. They currently have 150 Airtame devices installed. “I really like the Cloud management. I like how easy it is to update, we’re able to select all of our devices and update them with one click,” said Carly Beckwith, Technology Support Specialist. They can also troubleshoot and resolve any issues quickly and easily, distribute content to on-campus screens, or delegate content distribution to faculty heads or student groups who prefer to generate specific content for their departments.

You can read up on Airtame’s remote device management functionality here.

So if you’re looking for a solution that goes beyond wireless screen sharing and incorporates digital signage and remote device management, perhaps you should consider Airtame.

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