How Digital Signage can get your message across

Digital Signage
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How Digital Signage can get your message across

Screens are everywhere, from meeting rooms to classrooms, reception areas, hallways, and more. What if you harnessed those screens to share important information and get your message across? That’s the beauty of digital signage! Wondering how your organization can best leverage your screens? With Airtame, you can customize your displays for every organization, occasion, or idea. Keep reading to see some of the best ways your industry can use digital signage to inform and guide. 


Promote upcoming sports games and school events to students and staff. Use displays to highlight dates and times for final or state exams or future days off. Create cafeteria menus that change depending on the time of day or day of the week. Have a large campus? Digital signs can point visitors in the right direction. With Rise Vision available within Airtame Cloud Apps, you can take advantage of over 400 digital signage templates. 

Two students walking down staircase next to digital sign displaying information about football game


Window displays can let customers know about promotions or sales before stepping foot in the store. Play looped videos through the Dropbox Video app on Airtame Cloud to catch passerbys’ interest. You can quickly update and deploy screens to let customers know when the items or sizes you have in stock change. 

Corporate Offices

Share internal information relevant to employees. Convey important news or corporate messages, display real-time health and safety information, meeting room updates, or calendar events. You can use a tailored Google Slides or Powerpoint deck to get the point across.

workers at desk in office


Create menus to show info such as pricing, nutritional value, or ingredients. Have to change a price, or sell out of an item? Content can be quickly updated and instantly deployed across all screens with Airtame Cloud. Promote seasonal or new menu items with images saved to Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive. With Scheduled Content, you can set your menus to change based on the time of day or days of the week.    


Provide visitors with real-time financial information such as currency exchange rates or the latest stock market changes by setting your screen to a specific website. Highlight a list of available branch services or current promotions with a PowerPoint deck. Entertain visitors while they wait for assistance with a YouTube playlist

Hotels and Venues

Digital directories can help guests find their way around with ease while increasing efficiency for staff. Keep guests informed of relevant information like check-out times or upcoming events with lobby signage. Promote on-site amenities such as spas, pools, or restaurants. 

hotel lobby with two signs displaying a welcome message and a world clock behind woman who is on the phone


Use your screens to show offered services or health and safety messaging. A YouTube video can walk patients through new check-in procedures or what to expect during their visit. If your practice is located in a large building, a directory can help patients find their way. 

Warehouses and Manufacturing

Digital signs can highlight OSHA information, tips on preventing workplace injuries, weight capacity signs, and more. Display dashboard information such as inventory data or other company-wide KPIs. 

two men talking in warehouse, with digital sign behind them displaying safety guidelines

No matter your organization or industry, digital signage can get your message across quickly and easily. With Airtame, you can turn your screens into digital signs, and with Airtame Cloud, you can manage and monitor all of your devices. Once you’ve purchased an Airtame 2 device, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial of Airtame Cloud Plus. Sign up for Airtame Cloud and start optimizing your screens today! 

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