How Graduateland uses Airtame to have wireless meetings

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How Graduateland uses Airtame to have wireless meetings
Jessica Navarro
January 7th, 2017

Graduate unemployment is one of the most daunting challenges facing many university students. It’s well known that the anxiety of not being able to find a job grows exponentially as one approaches graduation.

Enter Graduateland

This is where Graduateland comes into play. Graduateland is Europe’s largest career portal for students and graduates. We met up with Frederik Ferbing, In-House Legal & Office Manager, for a chat about the company, their visions and how AIRTAME has made life easier for them.

What is Graduateland all about?

Graduateland is about making students and graduates meet employers. We provide a system to let universities create their own career portals and we help students and graduates find jobs. In short, Graduateland facilitates contact between students and employers.

Graduateland has been matching students and employees since 2010. The company actually started as a bachelor thesis, which was awarded the Danish equivalent to a D.

Now, 5 years and thousands of career connections later, they clearly proved their professors wrong. With a solid blend of technical people and a talented sales team, they have climbed to the top of Europe’s market for career portals.

What do you see being Graduateland’s main opportunities?

We still have a very strong focus on Europe. We have the Danish market and are pretty solid in Sweden. The next focus areas for us will be Germany and the Baltics, which are two very interesting areas.

The first geographical expansion came last year when Graduateland increased their presence in the Swedish market by opening their first office abroad in Stockholm.

How are you looking into expanding and growing?

Since the beginning of 2015, we have focused on expanding the content of the portal. By improving the content, we can make users stay longer on our network and conquer markets.

graduateland use case 1 2

In a company with two offices and almost 30 employees, a lot of meetings are naturally held every day. Therefore, making the meetings flow more seamlessly, can allow Graduateland to save a lot of time and money.

What kind of meetings do you have during a regular day?

The meetings at Graduateland are very different. We have a lot of internal staff and strategy meetings. Besides that we have a lot of customers coming in, especially larger clients that need help with graduate programs.

Therefore it is important for us to have a big meeting room we can do presentations in but also sit small groups of people working on projects.

How has it changed since you installed AIRTAME?

Since we started using AIRTAME for meetings we have saved a lot of time. Making computers connect to the TV is a lot more time consuming than you would think. AIRTAME makes it easy.

graduateland use case 2 2

It always involves some risk when you let your meetings rely on something quite new and unknown. Especially in meetings with customers who aren’t familiar with the technology. But that has not been an issue so far.

The reactions we have had on AIRTAME have been really positive. Especially the easy accessibility is a big bonus. It is very easy for people to come in, download the software and get started. It has been fun to observe how easily people can work with the product. It takes very little to no training and people just get it.

Because all meetings are different in style and content an adaptive solution that runs hassle-free is key to letting the meetings run smoothly and efficiently. Therefore Graduateland has come to appreciate the different work modes of the AIRTAME that let you enhance the performance for the specific task that needs to be done.

AIRTAME makes it easy to have a meeting. The different modes you can work in (work, presentation, video, manual) makes it very easy to switch from your slides to a video presentation. That is one of the best things about AIRTAME.

AIRTAME is an excellent meeting tool.

If you don’t have AIRTAME yet, but you’re interested in changing the way you and your colleagues work and collaborate, send us a note. We can help you work more efficiently, and rid your office of those pesky, unsightly cables, just like we did with Graduateland.

We want to hear about how you’re using AIRTAME in your office. If you’re up for a quick chat, then let us know! Maybe we’ll make a video about your company.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Jessica Navarro
All product, all the time. As Product Communications Manager, Jessica takes complicated product stuff and makes it easy to read stuff. When she isn't writing and editing for Airtame, she's on the hunt for the best Mexican food in Denmark.

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