How Rocket Labs uses Airtame to boost productivity

Rocket Labs sits on a quiet side street in Copenhagen. It is a pulsing co-working space filled with tech and digital companies. What sets Rocket Labs apart from other co-working spaces is their mission to be more collaborative than co-working.

Rolf Rasmussen, CEO of Rocket Labs, explains their mission:

The Rocket Labs mission is to have people sparring, teaming up and working together across the office. Not just sitting next to each other, but actually knowing who your neighbor is and what they do.

Rocket Labs’ open floor plan makes it obvious that this is a place open to sharing and working together. And with 25 companies cohabiting the space, it’s so important to make it dead easy to share ideas and information.

It’s just really nice to have this easy connectivity and with a startup screen like this, it’s easy to connect. Follow the instructions and you’re on. And with a little branding on top, it’s super nice - Rolf Rasmussen on Rocket Labs’ use of Airtame in meeting rooms

As we found out, making it easy to share information like KPIs throughout a team has profound effects on productivity.

How live metrics affect productivity

While we were exploring Rocket Labs, we noticed that a few of the companies were using Airtame to display KPI dashboards.

One of these companies is the young startup, Sponsta. Sponsta is a marketplace where brands can discover popular Instagrammers to work with, for advertising purposes.

Sponsta’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Daniel Mierzwinski, talked with us about the struggles encountered by entrepreneurs:

I think as an entrepreneur, you’re constantly faced with the question: How do I get to the next step?

Daniel brings up a key point for entrepreneurs: how do you achieve your goals effectively?

The first step is to set up actionable metrics that are going to help your business grow. Leanstack gives a great overview on how lean startups can define their metrics. Check it out here.

The second step is to actually track your metrics. Sponsta tracks how many successful transactions are made, in relation to the amount of signups over a given period of time. With the help of Airtame’s dashboard feature, they can display these metrics on their shared TV screen.

We use Airtame to display a dashboard with our metrics. It’s very easy to lose track of your goals and progress if you don’t have them visually in front of you. We used to have laptops that someone had to open and turn on each morning to show it - now we just turn on the TV and our dashboard is there from the start. - Daniel Mierzwinski, Co-founder of Sponsta

With easy access to their data, they aim to improve their product so that clients can get from point A to B with the least amount of friction.

Setting up a dashboard with Airtame

With Airtame’s dashboard feature, it’s super easy to display a KPI dashboard. Through the Airtame app, click the gear icon to go to manage device and select Display settings. Click on Dashboard to update your dashboard settings and simply type in your web-based dashboard’s URL. Click apply to save and the Airtame will load your new dashboard.

If you have an Airtame and want to display your own KPI dashboard, check our full guide here.

KPI dashboard for powerful metrics

Are you looking for a good dashboard service to pair with your Airtame? Below are some of the KPI dashboard services that we know of that will help you achieve high rates of productivity.

Geckoboard - The Airtame customer support team uses Geckoboard to display our latest data from Zendesk.

Yoke - Tracks activity across your cloud accounts. Offers 39 integrations and access from Slack.

Dashing - For the hackers among us, Dashing is an open source dashboard framework you can use to create your own dashboard.

**Do you know of any other great dashboard services? What are your company’s actionable metrics? Let us know in the comments.**