Introducing CEC support, Touchback for Miracast, and more

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Introducing CEC support, Touchback for Miracast, and more
Angela Murphy
September 28th, 2020

Firmware update 4.1.0 brings more dynamic screen management with CEC and next-level support with Miracast over Infrastructure and Touchback.

CEC support saves power, money, and time

CEC support makes it easy to reduce the power consumption of your TVs and projectors. Devices that support CEC—Consumer Electronics Control—can “talk” to each other and control each other. CEC is what lets your gaming console, or Airtame device, automatically turn off your TV or projector. 

You can set up Airtame devices to power CEC-compatible displays on and off. Use Sleep Schedule, available with Airtame Cloud Plus, to remotely turn displays on and off according to either 1) opening and closing times or 2) after being idle for a set amount of time (instantly, after one minute, five minutes, etc.). 

Sleep Schedule for CEC-compatible displays lets you save money by reducing power consumption. You can also save money on replacements by extending the life of projector lamps that are prone to burn out quickly. 

CEC and Sleep Schedule are easy to use, and together they save time and effort for whoever manages screens in your organization. You only need to go into a display’s settings once to enable CEC functionality, after which time all Sleep Schedule settings are managed remotely with Airtame Cloud Plus.

Sleep schedule

Miracast update offers more network integration and screen sharing options

Miracast over Infrastructure is for network administrators who prefer to reduce noise in their wireless environments. Miracast is the name for the wireless screen sharing option available on many Windows and Android devices. Many presenters use Miracast to present wirelessly from their computer or mobile device to an Airtame-equipped display. What’s the difference between Miracast over Infrastructure and the more common peer-to-peer (P2P) Miracast setup? With the former option, you don’t need to enable any access points on Airtame device(s). Some administrators prefer this type of setup. 

Both Miracast P2P and Miracast over Infrastructure offer ease of use through instant screen sharing from Windows devices. For Android devices to also have wireless access via Miracast, a P2P setup is required. Both options come built-in with your Airtame 2. The setup will depend on whether or not you enable Airtame access points. 

Miracast functionality is free for anyone using Airtame. Log on to your Airtame Cloud account and activate Miracast within the device settings. 

Airtame now supports Touchback functionality when screen sharing with Miracast. When screen sharing with Miracast Touchback (also called multitouch UIBC support), your Windows or Android device will react to any input on the interactive display. You can change slides from the room’s main display, annotating in programs such as Onenote, PowerPoint, and Whiteboarding applications. This is especially useful when revising work. Whether you’re teaching or leading a meeting, you can always put down your device while going through class or work material on an interactive display. 

To get started with Miracast Touchback: 

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