Building the ultimate wireless meeting room for stress-free meetings

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Building the ultimate wireless meeting room for stress-free meetings
Jessica Navarro
August 26th, 2019

Want more productive, engaging meetings? Here’s how to eliminate any stress or distractions using Airtame together with Joan on displays.

We all know the frustration – a meeting room gets double booked so you’re left scrambling to find another room. Or here’s another scenario: you’re in the middle of a conference call but are interrupted by the next group of people waiting for the room. 

Luckily, there is an easy way to display vital information about meeting and conference rooms and eliminate any stress. 

Meet Joan. 

What is Joan?

Joan is a simple, yet brilliant, solution for managing meeting rooms and optimizing room use. What sets their room booking software apart are the touch-screen display devices Joan offers. You can mount the devices right outside the meeting room door. They not only show meeting room information, but also let you see open time slots and book them on the spot. 

Joan for displays

If you would rather use a larger screen, consider using Joan on displays together with Airtame’s digital signage capabilities to prominently display the latest meeting information. Joan on displays lets you see current and future meetings and their attendees, as well as any available rooms and their seating capacity. 

Let’s go over a couple of reasons why Airtame and Joan are the perfect cable-free pairing for more engaging meetings. 

Effortless meetings  

Joan integrates seamlessly with standard calendar systems. This means you only have to update meeting information in one place and the information will sync automatically to all your displays. Now you are freed up to prepare for your meeting. 

When you need to present, you can quickly share your computer screen using Airtame’s simple app. Since there are no cables plugged into your laptop, it’s also easy to switch between presenters. With hands-free presentations, you can get more hands-on collaboration done.  

No hassle installation

The huge benefit of wireless technology is that it fits in seamlessly with any office design. Since Joan device is battery-powered, you can install it pretty much anywhere. 

The Airtame device is designed to sit on the wall, behind a TV screen, or fit in a projector’s cable tray. And with the option to power the device using Power over Ethernet, Airtame is not tethered to a power outlet either. The connection between your computer and TV screen is completely wireless, meaning you’re not tied to the table either. 

The perfect match for better meetings

Joan brings you peace of mind that your meeting rooms are being optimally used. Together with Airtame’s user-friendly screen sharing and digital signage, you can have more distraction-free meetings and reach maximum productivity. 

To explore more of the Joan solution for better meetings, visit their website

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