Why you should join Airtame’s Customer Success team

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Why you should join Airtame’s Customer Success team
Angela Murphy
August 28th, 2018

Want to join one of the most fun and engaged customer success teams the B2B world has to offer? Step right up, our Customer Success team is hiring!

Airtame is a growing company that values high standards in terms of performance, coupled with a humble and proactive approach to how we communicate with customers, partners and colleagues. Our Customer Success team of a dozen people currently represents 11 different nationalities, making us all the more ready to engage with people all around the world on a daily basis.

And the good news – we’re hiring! Right now, we are looking for an NY-based Technical Support Representative to join our expanding, global team. Here are some of the reasons why you should apply to join us.

You’ll be helping people make the most of a great product

Airtame is a device for streaming content wirelessly. Airtame is used as a wireless presentation – and digital signage – solution in businesses and educational settings all around the world. Since getting started, we have sent out more than 100,000 Airtames.

In order for users to make the most of their screens with Airtame, we offer ongoing support via live chat, email, and phone calls.  We help train people in how to get set up and use Airtame the right way, and we assist if any issues come up. In addition, we focus on finding new creative ways to improve every stage of the customer journey – from initial awareness through to collecting feedback and upselling.

A group of men from the Customer Success Team

You will develop a variety of professional skills

Supporting people on a daily basis, and thinking long-term about how to help them excel in collaborative environments, is at the heart of what we do.

In helping to establish relationships with a wide variety of partners using Airtame – from startups to large enterprises and educational institutions – you’ll learn about the needs and the struggles of people who want to wirelessly use screens in presentation settings (such as meetings and classrooms). Here are the skills that you need, and that you’ll be building on, in a career at Airtame:

There are no limitations to growth, and you can decide what areas you’d like to specialize in going forward as a member of the Airtame family.

People from Airtame and the customer success team in a cross-team collaboration event

The Customer Success team covers many different aspects of our customers’ experiences, meaning that there are opportunities for you to grow in the fields of:

Find out more about our approach and the difference between customer success and customer support here.

You will be working in an environment that’s the right combination of friendly and professional

Airtame has two locations – one (our HQ) in the vibrant area of Christianshavn, in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen, and another in the swanky WeWork office in South Williamsburg in New York City. Both workplaces present a lot of diversity not only in their surroundings but also in people that you’ll be working with.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and continuously collaborate across countries and cultures – both between our US and Denmark-based teams and with our partners and customers around the world. You’ll even get the opportunity to do some traveling for team building trips.

Joining us will mean taking on a steep learning curve and working alongside many different departments and clients. We hire ambitious talent whose enthusiasm is matched with challenging but gratifying work. On our CS team, we have an average response time of under 3 minutes when getting back to customers and an average satisfaction (CSAT) score of 90%. We hold each other up to high standards while being open and supportive.

A woman from the Customer Success Team

With everyone from our developers to our CEO sitting in to talk to customers and leads, everyone gets to know about the people we interact with and how they understand our product. In turn, the CS team has a great opportunity to learn from the other departments within our flat working space, from marketing to hardware, sales and development.

You will have flexibility in how you fulfill your responsibilities

While you will consistently catch up with colleagues and our team lead, you won’t be micromanaged. We all trust in each others’ abilities and know that if there is any uncertainty we can always handle a case together.

Depending on which tasks you have, it may make sense to take a morning or day to work from home. Our office spaces are quite open, which makes it much easier to ask questions back and forth throughout the day. When expertise needs to be quickly shared, working in close proximity makes a lot of sense. Sometimes though you may want to get some things done in isolation.

While we do have quiet spaces around the office for that, you can also opt for working remotely.

You will work with people who are generally happy and positive

Some work days will inevitably be more challenging than others. That can be said about pretty much any job. The differentiator though is that at Airtame you’ll be part of a team where people do not let circumstances stress them out – or rather, people who don’t let a stressful situation completely take over their mood and the atmosphere in the office.

Here, you can be busy without being frantic. It helps a lot when that’s the shared attitude. Exercising a calm demeanor, even when assisting someone who’s feeling frantic, is a great disposition to master.

A group of people from the Customer Success Team

You will work for a company that cares about its employees as much as its customers

Airtame strives to be customer-focused, and the Customer Success team serves a core role in making this a reality. It’s nice to know that, while you’ll be helping many people on a daily basis, you’ll be contributing to a company that takes care of its people. From offering a competitive salary and parental leave to a daily catered lunch, fun events, a yearly workathon, quarterly hackathons and treats on your birthday, you will feel well looked after.

Jimmy has been on the CS team for over two years now, handling the marketing and automation side of the job. Here’s his take:

“Being part of the Customer Success team has been a very gratifying experience for me. I can see the direct impact of my actions on a daily basis. Combine that with a couple more very important aspects. One, the flexibility I’m given to act in my own creative ways. Two, effectively being able to branch out to almost any other team in the company.

A man from the Customer Success Team

All this along with all the fun we have in the process makes for an amazing opportunity for my professional development.”

How to apply

We are looking for a Technical Support Representative to join our Customer Success Team in New York – find out about the position (and how to apply) here.


Airtame is an equal opportunities employer. You can also visit this link to find out about other open positions at Airtame. We hope you’ll join us in making a wireless world possible.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Angela Murphy
I translate technical features into benefits that everyone can understand.

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