Meet Airtame’s Service Designer, Maria!

The Airtame team keeps growing! Maria is one of our newest members. She’s going to help us get to know our users, so let’s get to know her too.

Airtame Employee Maria

What role are you filling at Airtame?

My title is Service Designer. I am doing UX research and applying Service Design methods and processes.

What is UX research & Service Design anyway?

Well, UX research is the research and understanding of how our users are interacting with our product.

Service Design is the understanding of services or intangible offers that the company gives to its users. In this case, I am working to help Airtame be seen not only as a product but also as a service that, depending on the user’s needs, will create different experiences.

*The first draft of Airtame's mapped out user journey*

In short, what I do is customer journeys and user research analysis with the help of service design tools, in order to map our internal process and our users’ experience. This gives us an idea of what it is that we are doing and how can we improve it.

How did you find out about Airtame and why did you choose to apply?

I found an Airtame job ad on Graduateland and I loved that Airtame tries to make something like a daily working day into a fun and interactive experience. Also, the fact that Airtame’s technology means less waste, since you’re not replacing broken cables all the time.

Anything weird? Odd habits, unique interests, a funny story?

I am really into lucid dreaming.😴 💭 That’s when you’re aware you’re dreaming while you’re still in the dream. And I’ve been trying to get more lucid dreams. I have a dream diary where I gather every night adventure I remember in the morning. The idea is that the more I can remember, the closer I will be to become lucid.

I also like my french fries dipped in a milkshake and two songs by Justin Bieber, even if it is hard for some to accept with a straight face.

What’s your background?

I am a Designer with an emphasis in Product and Communication, with a Master’s degree in Service Systems Design. I also studied Plastic Arts (that’s painting, drawing, etc…😉).

*Gathering all the necessary info is the first step!*
Where did you work before?

In the past years, I have worked in three start-ups, which gave me a special interest in small businesses and the freedom they give. I chose Airtame, because it gave me the feeling, as with my other experiences, that I would be able to bring value.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to knit, read and draw. You can follow my work and some of my friends on Instagram: #wesketchweekly. I am also into climbing, running, and meditating. This last one I do almost every day.

What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you?

The thought that what I am doing is bringing value to the people I share my time with. I hope I can also improve the user’s experience and the way we work in the company, so we can all have a better experience with Airtame in our working life.

Welcome to the team, Maria! 🎉

Maria tries the traditional welcome drink at Airtame: the infamous ginger shot.

Meet our new Service Designer, Maria! 💁🏻 She's going to help us get to know our users so let's get to know her. ☺️

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