Minimize class and meeting interruptions with the moderator tool

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Minimize class and meeting interruptions with the moderator tool
Angela Murphy
June 10th, 2020

The moderator tool lets you disconnect a presenter that’s forgotten to do so themselves, ensuring that the meeting or class can carry on smoothly.

Airtame’s pin code connect feature has always ensured that a presenter connects to the correct display when sharing their screen within a class or meeting room setting. It’s simultaneously prevented unwanted connections from outside the room. 

However, the occasional presenter forgets to disconnect from the TV or projector. This is rather inconvenient for the next person who wants to share their screen. Up until recently, a physical reboot or a reboot from Airtame Cloud did the trick of disconnecting anyone still connected. 

But now there’s a more intuitive way: the moderator tool. 

Start using the moderator tool in Airtame Cloud

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“Moderator” is a new role within Airtame Cloud that gives someone  (e.g. a teacher) access to streaming moderation, allowing them to disconnect a presenter at any time. All someone with moderator access has to do is type the name of the Airtame device in the search field and click “Stop stream”.

In the rare case that a presenter forgets to disconnect, a Moderator can nip the interruption in the bud and avoid wasting time during the class or meeting. While you can give a colleague access to moderation only, other roles provide access to moderation along with other capabilities (e.g. updating device firmware, managing digital signage, etc.). 

There’s no limit to the number of users you can have within your organization’s Cloud account. Check out this help center article for an overview of all Airtame Cloud roles.

For anyone not yet familiar with Airtame Cloud, it’s an online platform that lets you 1) manage and update the settings of your Airtame devices and 2) manage the digital signage displayed on all of your Airtame-equipped screens. 

The moderator tool is available to all Cloud accounts, whether on Airtame Cloud Lite or Airtame Cloud Plus. To get started, simply ensure that your Airtame devices are running firmware version 3.9.2 or higher.

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