8 reasons why you need an office manager

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8 reasons why you need an office manager
May 22nd, 2018

Office managers can streamline day-to-day operations and keep calm in a busy environment. Here’s 8 reasons why every growing business should consider hiring one

Maintenance, organizing and social event planning. These are just a few of the duties an office manager performs. No matter what you business concerns, chances are it’s in the “people business”, meaning some level of personnel handling and logistics is part of the business.

Usually at some point in every business, startup or otherwise, you realize you can’t take of everything by yourself. That’s when it’s time to hire someone who can do the job more efficiently than you, freeing up that time for you to bring income to the company.

It’s an often overlooked position, filled by an unsung hero. Not only does an office manager help create flow within the business, they keep the whole ship afloat, and everyone onboard happy.

We believe an office manager is essential to a smooth-running office, especially in an ever-changing environment like that of a growing company.

Wait, what is an “office manager”?

The office manager’s responsibilities vary depending on the size and type of organization. The role tends to take many forms, ranging from financial overseer and liability supervisor to recruitment officer and secretary. They are the jack of all trades in any office, fulfilling roles and duties that fluctuate over time just like your business.

Airtame has its very own office manager too. Her name is Ana Visan, and she’s been working with us since the beginning of 2018. She’s from Romania, but now she’s based here with us in Copenhagen where she acts as the backbone of our HQ office.

When the company’s growth is skyrocketing and transitioning from an intimate, cozy group of 20-30 people to a bigger company of 70-100 employees, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the same casual and liberal culture. Ana is a true office savior. She keeps up the same cozy working environment without weighing it down with impersonal policies and forms.

In tribute to the amazing work Ana does at Airtame, and in celebration of hard-working office managers everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of eight reasons why an office manager will enhance your business.

1. Culture booster

The office manager is one of the few people other than the CEO or senior staff members who interact with all employees of all levels every day. Having a central point of contact offers stability in a chaotic environment and could also generate a better sense of community. They do this by overseeing social calendars, keeping everyone in the loop and establishing a concise onboarding process. A strong office manager can act as a human troubleshooter who spends time nurturing social connections and working relationships across all departments.

2. Organizational overview

Many business owners take it upon themselves to handle day-to-day office operations, but it takes away time from growth potential and business opportunities in the long run. It’s a demanding responsibility to oversee many different operational tasks, but it’s something an office manager with stellar organizational skills handles well.

Everyone knows that coordination between top management and floor workers doesn’t always run seamlessly, and that’s where the office manager can shine. Handing over responsibilities can be painful, because you, as a business owner, would like a good grip on everything that goes on in the company. Delegating tasks can help you focus on ROI tasks and achieving your goals while the office manager takes care of administrative work.

3. Facilities management

Imagine a situation where you have an important business meeting planned – prospective clients are visiting the office and while they’re mainly concerned about what you have to offer, they will notice the general tidiness of your office. Who takes care of the toilet when it stops working? That light bulb that needs replacing?  While the office manager can’t fix every practical issue, they can find someone who can.

4. Equipment and supplies

Chances are that you will run out of toilet paper at some point. You don’t know the content of every shelf and cabinet, but your office manager does, and that’s why they’re a lifesaver in many cases.

office manager supplies 1

5. Backbone of the business

An office manager can bring a sense of realism to a work environment. When sales targets or engineering hackathons highlight the ambition and growth of a company, an office manager provides just the dose of realism needed for a workforce not to lose sight of the present.

6. Secretary superstar

Keeping track of meeting schedules, lunch terms and supply prices fall under the remit of an office manager. The office manager isn’t your personal secretary, but some secretarial duties are best done by an all-hands person in your office.

7. Financial operator

Depending on what type of business you run, you might need an extra pair of hands to take care of financial issues, such as making sure bills are paid on time. In the end, your business could save money by having an office manager because they know how to negotiate prices. They remember where the good deals are on hardware, lunch and office supplies, and they know when to restock.

If you experience steady growth, you will need to relocate at some point. That’s when the office manager comes in handy. They know every person working in your company as well as their needs, and that’s why they’ll excel at figuring out whether a potential new space is the right fit. The logistics involved with a move is a time-consuming job for any person, and it takes away your focus. Leave it to your experienced office manager instead.

8. HR duties

A good office manager will create an office handbook or update the current one. They will have the answers to questions about personal holidays, sick days or maternity leave.

They enforce the rules, so you don’t have to, but at the same time they’re the go-to person if any issues occur. It’s smart to have that central point of communication that everyone can rely on instead of asking questions left and right. Concerns will be answered a lot faster, and your employees will be happier.

As we’ve outlined, an office manager is a vital member of any business. And yet, they are probably the most under-appreciated. When was the last time you asked how they are doing of if they need help?

If you have an office manager, remember to always respect them and say thank you every once in a while. With them, the amount of work you’ll be able to get done will increase along with the quality. Without them … need we say more?

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