How a 30-day risk free returns policy can make for happier customers

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How a 30-day risk free returns policy can make for happier customers
Angela Murphy
June 21st, 2018

Having a hassle-free 30-day risk free trial shows confidence in our product and is key to attracting – and retaining – the right Airtame customers

Have you ever hesitated to go ahead with a purchase, but went for it once you knew you could return the item if you ended up not liking it?

For companies selling online, it has become almost compulsory to have a clear and fair return policy. At the same time, many brick-and-mortar retailers still insist that electronic products be returned unopened, which seems counterintuitive from a customer success point of view.

But there’s a different way. Here’s how we do it.

Our trial policy

Airtame offers a 30-day risk-free trial. This means that you can return the product for any reason within the 30-day period after you have received the order on your doorstep. We either provide a full cash refund or offer free replacements in the case of damaged or faulty items. You’ll find us proudly promoting this policy throughout our site and marketing communications – we’re proud of it.

Returned devices do need to be sent back in their original packaging, including all accessories. That said, the trial phase is for thoroughly testing all the given features so that customers can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with Airtame. We definitely want you to open the box!

We work very hard to make sure that each lead gets all necessary information prior to a purchase through clear and concise product demos. This initial conversation helps to guarantee that a given institution has the needs and conditions that match what Airtame has to offer so that grievances don’t come up later.

Why you won’t need it

While the 30-day trial is available, our goal is that people won’t actually need it. Due to our customer success efforts, plus easy deployment and use of the product, buyers rarely return their Airtame.

An account manager sets up a welcome call with a new customer towards the beginning of the trial phase, to double check that they’re on the right track and aware of all of the features available. Our email flow also encourages thorough testing by guiding new users in how to:

Why does a trial period matter?

  • Trust

    No company wants to hear “I’d like my money back.” But customers need to know that they have the right to a refund within a reasonable time frame.

    Our policy represents the confidence we have in Airtame as a strong competitor for wireless screen sharing and (increasingly) digital signage for education and business. It’s essential to be transparent, which is why we have the 30-day policy clearly shown on our website’s purchasing page so that customers get the message before they buy the product.

  • Retention

    It’s important to focus on bringing in new customers. But at the same time, we keep the business going by retaining the right customers. And the people who’ll get the most out of Airtame and have the highest satisfaction in the long term are also the ones who take full advantage of the test phase.

    It’s crucial that customers know that they’ll have access to lifelong product support even when the 30 days are up. If they’re happy by the end of the trial, chances are they’ll keep using Airtame and even come back to buy more.

  • Loyalty

    A customer who’s had the time, and support, to successfully deploy Airtame in their environment will not only be more likely to buy more devices, they’ll also be far more likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague.

    Loyalty leads to exposure through word-of-mouth, which can make or break any start-up. What helps to foster loyalty is remaining consistent about our returns policy, while also being human. For example, we exercise flexibility in cases where the 30-day overlaps with a long public holiday.

    When customers reach out asking about the possibility of an extension, we have the opportunity to gain their confidence by showing that we are focused on their needs and success.

  • Motivation

    Our policy helps to motivate our customer success and sales teams to go the extra mile. This can be through offering great online product demos or through technical support, such as a setup call.

    The bottom line is that a sale isn’t made when someone buys. It’s made when Airtame is up and running in a given setting and making people’s lives easier. Successful testing has the domino effect of generating more sales. When a partner sees how much easier meetings and classes can be, the initial purchase is multiplied.

  • Feedback

    When contacting us about a return, customers can write a brief statement about why they want to send back the product (e.g., they’ve changed their mind, experienced technical issues, etc.). These reasons are a useful source of feedback that can influence how we can develop our communications, product, and services going forward.

    In cases where someone was not originally aware of the absence of a given feature, we can assess how we need to improve upon our marketing communication in regards to what Airtame can and cannot do. If someone gave up during the setup phase, then we might see how we can tweak our onboarding guides.

    We look at feedback and fix what we can. It’s a continuous cycle that the trial period helps us facilitate.

How we process returns

If someone wants to return their Airtame, they send an email to us at with their original order number, their reason for returning (or replacing) the device, and the firmware version of their Airtame(s).

The firmware version indicates whether or not any issues could be due to users not having updated the device for a while. In some cases when customers realize this, they decide to start using it again once it’s been updated.

If a customer proceeds with a return or replacement, then we send them instructions for how to send Airtame back. Once your return is received at our location in the USA, Australia, or Denmark and inspected to make sure that there are no damages or missing parts, we notify you if the item met the conditions for the full refund. The return shipping cost is not included in the refund.

If a given return is approved, the refund will be processed within the following two weeks, and credit will be applied to the credit card or original method of payment within 2-7 days.

If any defect is found when using Airtame, this should be reported within 30 days. All that’s needed is to reach out to with a description of the particular issue. Our Customer Success team will happily help resolve it over email, chat, or phone.

What’s your take? What’s a fair return policy to you? Let us know!

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