Print outs for your office

Why use a print out?

Is Airtame new in the office? If so, you’ll need an easy way to let people know how they can use Airtame to stream content to the meeting room screens.

We want to make sure your colleagues and guests can quickly connect their devices to Airtame.

We recommend posting a print out next to all the screens that have an Airtame plugged in, especially if the screen is turned off. This print out should let them know to turn the TV on (for those who might expect a cable connection) and should cover a few easy steps on how to connect for the first time.

Get the print out

To save you the hassle of writing up a print out yourself, we’ve created a handy PDF.

For EU paper sizes
[Download our PDF quickstart guide in paper size A3]( “target=”_blank)

For US paper sizes:
[Download our PDF quickstart guide in paper size US Letter]( “target=”_blank)

Guide-for-using-wireless-hdmi Guide-for-using-wireless-hdmi

If you have any suggestions on how to make it even easier to onboard your colleagues - please let us know at