Product update: Introducing Instant mode, YouTube and Google SSO to Airtame Cloud

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Product update: Introducing Instant mode, YouTube and Google SSO to Airtame Cloud
May 18th, 2020

As part of the latest Airtame Cloud update, we’re excited to share some new features and tools that will make it easier for our customers to access Airtame Cloud and provide even more options when streaming to an Airtame-enabled screen.

Set up your Airtames to turn off instantly when not in use

Instant mode is a new option you can select in the dropdown menu when using the Sleep Schedule feature on Airtame Cloud. Sleep Schedule allows you to save energy by scheduling your Airtame devices to turn off when they’re not in use. When we first launched this feature, we offered a range of options, which, when selected, meant the Airtame would automatically turn off if it wasn’t in use after either 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Instant mode now allows you to set your Airtame device to turn off as soon as it is not in use.

In a technical sense, Instant mode provides customers with the option to disable HDMI output permanently when there’s no stream or pin-code, so that the Airtame device only outputs a signal when someone is streaming or attempting to stream. This essentially makes it easier to use and control your Airtame device when it is hooked up to an HDMI switch where there’s also video conferencing hardware attached, giving you the control to prevent unwanted screen sharing from interfering with meetings and conference calls.

Share engaging content via YouTube

Airtame Cloud customers can now stream videos directly via the YouTube app. Whether you’re wanting to share an educational video during class or feature branded product videos in the reception area of your business, you can now do so with the new YouTube integration. Customers can also make the most of YouTube Live, or select a combination of different videos to play on loop via the Playlists feature.

Login with Google SSO

As part of the latest product update, both Airtame Cloud Lite and Airtame Cloud customers can now log into their account with a Google login. This is a more secure way to login to Airtame Cloud, and takes the hassle out of manually typing in any passwords if you’re already logged into other Google services.

Pay with credit card

Credit card payment for Airtame Cloud is now enabled, making it even easier for you to purchase any number of seats directly through your Airtame Cloud account. Customers can choose to pay monthly or yearly, depending on their specific needs.

Don’t forget that you can’t sign up for Airtame Cloud without an Airtame 2 device.

More to come

We’re constantly making updates to Airtame Cloud based on your feedback, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to login to your Airtame Cloud account and take the new features for a spin.

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