Product update 1.5: Introducing the Airtame widget

The last few months have been busy here at the Airtame office. We have been working hard on finishing this new update that we’re excited to release today.

First, a big shout out to all the beta testers who helped us develop, test, and tweak the new version, and have given us their honest feedback throughout the process.

The update significantly improves both the way you interact with Airtame and the performance of the device. It is the most extensive update we’ve made since the launch in June. So really, you shouldn’t hesitate to update.

As Attila Sukosd, our CTO, describes it: »This release takes Airtame to a new level. It not only brings improvements to performance and stability - it is also a revamp on how users interact with Airtame through a new computer widget.«

A few highlights of what this update will do for you

As always, you can see the entire changelog on our forum.

The new widget

The big one first. On your computer, you will see that we have completely redesigned the application (we call it “widget”). The widget introduces a new, faster and more intuitive way of interacting with your Airtame(s) - and this is just the beginning.

AIRTAME Windows widget for wireless HDMI streaming

New list
We have created a new list view of available Airtames. It gives you a simple overview and provides easy access to the Airtame devices near you. We also got rid of the extra step where you had to choose “duplicate”. Now to start streaming, you simply click on the Airtame you want to connect to. Another great thing in the new lists is that you can navigate using the arrow keys and hit enter to connect.

With the new input field, you can search the list of Airtames. This will enable you to quickly find the one you are looking for, in case you are in an environment with a lot of available devices. Start typing and hit enter to connect.

Connect with IP
The search field is actually even smarter than that. It now also includes the “connect with IP” feature. No more opening an extra window for that. Now you can type the IP as soon as you open the widget and connect by hitting enter.

We have made the modes more accessible so it’s both easier to switch between them and to see which mode you are in. We renamed them to help you distinguish between them. From now on they are called: Instant, Video and Safe.

We really hope you like the new widget, and we are eager to get your feedback.

No more audio “crackling”
In addition to the new computer widget, we have made some firmware improvements since the last update.

One of the things many of you will notice is an improvement in the audio quality. More specifically, we have fixed the causes of the “cracklings” some of you have experienced during video streaming.

This hopefully means the last issues with audio streaming are fixed. We haven’t experienced issues with the audio in our testing, and we don’t expect you to have any problems either. If you are noticing any issues, please give us a heads up in our forum.

Supporting El Capitan for Mac
Finally, we saw some bugs related to those who had upgraded to the new Mac OS El Capitan. We have identified and fixed these issues. So, if you have been unable to connect to the Airtame since upgrading your Mac, you should be up and running again with the new widget.

Mac Airtame widget for wireless HDMI streaming

The only thing left to do: Go update both your Airtame device and computer application

IMPORTANT: If you experience any problems related to this update, please go to our website and download the latest version of our software and install it. This will replace your old version and fix any issues caused from the update.

We have been using the widget at our office for almost a month now. It has been a good experience. We see many improvements in how we interact with our Airtames. The general feedback from the beta community has also been positive so far, so we really hope you’ll like the new stuff as well.