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Samsung Flip + Airtame = an essential AV hack

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Samsung Flip + Airtame = an essential AV hack
Angela Murphy
September 10th, 2018

Discover how Airtame helps make the interactive Samsung Flip all the more essential for business and education

Airtame is often used together with TVs, projectors, and external monitors.  The device isn’t meant for the sole purpose of a single presenter to convey their key points. It’s meant to be a wireless tool that lets as many attendees as possible get involved.

The idea is for everyone to be able to mirror their full screen or a single window for the rest of the group to see. This way, innovation can grow when we discuss, challenge and learn from each other’s ideas.

In the spirit of inclusion, here’s an example of an interactive display, the Samsung Flip, that offers a world of innovative potential (especially when used together with Airtame).

What is a Samsung Flip?

The Samsung Flip is a 55-inch screen that doubles as both a TV and an interactive whiteboard (and blackboard). As the name suggests, the display can rotate – “flip” – 90 degrees between landscape and portrait mode. The Flip can be mounted to the wall or moved around on a height-adjustable stand that includes an integrated shelf and lockable wheels.

Users can create and scroll back and forth through digital flip charts that include presentation points, images and sketches. This lets everyone go through each other’s work and offer feedback while simultaneously brainstorming ideas. Up to four people at a time can draw, write, and highlight with ease using the included Samsung Passive Pen, and simply erase with a swipe of the hand on the screen.

This solution is especially great for teams such as designers, architects or engineers who need to unitedly develop an end product with the use of interactive tools, and like to present custom digital signage in their workplace.

A Samsung Flip screen showing a person drawing on the interactive display

Key features

  • 4K resolution, 178-degree viewing angles (vertical and horizontal) and 8ms pixel response time.
  • Flip Notation provides a way to write and draw with versatile options of colors, styles and widths.
  • You can connect to various external sources in order to pull up content for your meeting or presentation. All you need to do is hit a button to “Import” from a mobile, laptop, USB or network drive.
  • Documents shared to the Flip can be PIN-protected when necessary.
  • The user experience is intuitive, with “Import” and “Export” buttons at the top of the workspace, and buttons for moving and editing “rolls” (flip charts of up to 20 pages). You also have an undo/redo option.
  • After a meeting, everything can be shared via email, USB, or over the network, so follow-up only needs to take a few moments.
  • The Flip has a pair of integrated stereo speakers at the back, which is great for viewing video content.
A Samsung Flip Digital Flipchart showing a clock and the word Airtame

Why pair a Samsung Flip with Airtame?

In order for devices to connect wirelessly, the Samsung Flip supports NFC tagging. This function is supported only on Android 8.0 Oreo version or later of Samsung mobile devices. While this is great for many Android users, it doesn’t cover a big group – people using Windows, Chromebook, Linux, macOS or iOS devices.

Recent studies indicate that Apple alone is the second-in-line to Samsung in terms of market share in the mobile market, therefore a more platform-agnostic solution is essential for the modern classroom or office space.

Fortunately, Airtame comes to the rescue.  With a device connected to the Flip’s HDMI port, anyone can quickly mirror their material directly to the Flip.

You can “hack” the Flip setup and stream wirelessly from an iPad or iPhone to your Flip, taking advantage of Airtame’s compatibility with AirPlay. You can also use the Airtame application on your Mac to mirror to the Samsung Flip. This makes for an even more inclusive environment where employees and guest advisers can all be involved, regardless of the operating system.

A Samsung Flip Digital Flipchart connected wirelessly to an Airtame device

What is the difference between wireless screen sharing, mirroring and casting? Check out our definitions here.

A perfect match

In separation, both the Samsung Flip and Airtame are best-in-class AV solutions. Brought together, they truly unlock the future of better working and education. Consider them as an investment in productivity.

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