We’ve just started shipping Airtame 2 in Europe

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We’ve just started shipping Airtame 2 in Europe
October 25th, 2018

Great news for all the early EU customers: the first batch of our Airtame 2s have been through production and have been shipped this week!

Shipment to North America will begin as planned in mid-November, and the rest of the world from early 2019. More info on shipping status can be found here.

We unveiled Airtame 2 a few weeks back on 10/10/18 and have been thrilled with the response. It’s great to see how our powerful new device has struck a chord with both pre-existing Airtame customers, and brand new IT admins that are keen to take Airtame 2 for a spin.

If you happened to miss our initial announcement, here’s the Introducing Airtame 2 video:

Since the launch, our engineering team and suppliers have been busy building the first batch of Airtame 2s. This is laborious, but a meaningful process. We are truly understanding our new product and its capabilities, both inside and out. Learn more about this production process, and here are some photos of our production process in-action.

A man sitting in front of a computer working in the Airtame production
Airtame 2 in production
A man looking through a glass and taking care of the Airtame 2 production process
2 Airtame devices prepared for shipping
An industrial trolley filled with Airtame 2 devices ready for shipment

Still not convinced by the powers of Airtame 2?

Book a demo with our sales team to hear how it can improve your work or school environment, and help you reduce IT support tickets by a whopping 75%!

You can also watch this short video and find out about the powers of the Airtame 2.

Otherwise, head to our pricing page to order your Airtame 2s.

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