Tech Made Easy: Top Ways Airtame Solutions Simplify IT Management in Schools

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Tech Made Easy: Top Ways Airtame Solutions Simplify IT Management in Schools
May 17th, 2023

Working in technology in the education sector, we know you’re juggling a ton of responsibilities, like making sure all the technology in each classroom is working smoothly, ensuring students and educators have access to the resources they need, and keeping everything secure. That’s where Airtame products come in – our wireless screen sharing, digital signage, and hybrid conferencing solutions can make your life easier. Here’s how:

Easy to Set Up and Use

Airtame products are designed for ease of use. You can have an Airtame device up and running in minutes, and the intuitive interface means that educators and students can start sharing their screen in no time. IT admins save time with an intuitive interface for users, and simplified management, such as remote updates.

Wireless Sharing at Its Finest

With Airtame, educators and students can screen share wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables and making content sharing easier. Educators can easily switch between presentations and videos, and students can show off their work to the class with ease. Fewer cables mean less equipment needs replacing – helping to slim your IT budget.

Compatible with Everything

Airtame is compatible with commonly used classroom devices, from Windows, macOS and Chromebook, to iOS and Android. Users can cast their screen with the Airtame app, through a web browser or via the standard native protocols Google Cast, AirPlay or Miracast. This means that no matter what tech your educators and students are using, they can share their screen with ease, making communication simpler than ever.

Digital Signage to Transform Spaces

Want to display schedules, news updates, or an emergency alert on screens around the school? Enable instant communication of important information to students, staff, and visitors with highly customizable digital signage that’s easy to create and deploy. No need to print new materials or manually distribute them around campus.

Centralized Management

Control each Airtame device from a single dashboard with Airtame Cloud – it’s easy to update software, adjust settings, and keep an eye on usage and performance. Organize Airtame devices into groups according to their location (e.g. specific building on campus) or function (e.g. classroom vs. meeting room). The Cloud account owner can invite multiple members of staff to join, assign certain user roles with different permissions and access levels. This means, you can assign someone else to manage your digital signage, without risking them tampering with any networking settings.


Security is likely a top priority for your school, and Airtame products are designed with this in mind. We use the highest level of wireless security available, WPA2 Enterprise encryption, and can be configured to meet your school’s security policies.

Reduce Support Tickets

Minimizes stress, as device performance can be monitored regularly from the Cloud. This reduces the number of support tickets, which means IT admins can focus on other important tasks.


Airtame products are affordable, making them a cost-effective solution for every school. You can purchase multiple devices and use them throughout the school, creating a comprehensive wireless screen sharing and digital signage solution without breaking your budget.

To sum it up, Airtame products are an excellent choice for IT administrators in educational institutions for wireless screen sharing, digital signage, and more. They’re easy to set up and use, compatible with all devices, centrally manageable, secure, and affordable. By incorporating Airtame into your school’s technology infrastructure, you can simplify your workload – and your faculty, staff, and student body will love it too!


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