The easiest way to display your dashboard on screen

Do you want your company to be more data driven? Displaying relevant Dashboards for each team can be a great way to achieve this. The following post will give you team-specific examples of dashboard use and provide you with an easy go-to guide. Get in touch if we can help.

Besides ridding offices of ugly tripwire, visualizing data is something we are super excited about at AIRTAME.

In our recent product update 1.0.3, we included a feature focusing on using AIRTAME to display dashboards and websites (specific URLs), when you are not actively streaming.

What KPI’s do you want your company to keep an eye on?

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Data driven. That’s what it’s all about these days. Why? Because the internet, the digital revolution, and exponential technology keeps enabling and empowering businesses in unforeseen ways. What lacked transparency before is now becoming transparent. From intangible to tangible.

Let´s take a look at some more ways that we, at AIRTAME, display dashboards on screens.

Customer Happiness Dashboard

At AIRTAME, our customer service team uses Zendesk. With this great tool, we can handle all inquiries coming in from posts through social media to those coming through email. For us it is critical that we treat people well. We simply obsess about this interaction and we are getting better at it all the time. By integrating our Zendesk data through Geckoboard, we are able to display the data on a screen for the whole team to see. It enables us to keep an overview of this department and to know whether our customers are happy when they interact with us, plus it keeps the team’s eye on their own performance.

The last 100 tickets were solved with a 96% Satisfaction rating. Kudos to Kristian, Olga, Thomas and team. Well done.

How to: Set up Zendesk on Geckoboard and select the KPI´s that you want to keep an eye on. Then take the public URL of the dashboard and give it to AIRTAME. It will then show it on your TV and still be ready for streaming when you want - the AIRTAME name, IP etc. are still shown at the bottom of the TV.

Marketing dashboard

On Monday, we sent our customers a newsletter. We wanted to announce a recent product update. To monitor everything, we set up this dashboard in Geckoboard. Our target was to get a holistic overview of the process. So, we integrated visitors on our website and where they were browsing, our blog, forum and Zendesk activity related to this. It gave us a good overview of how the mail campaign we built on Mailchimp actually performed and affected our business (naturally, we also included this data).

As we are based in Europe and were sending the email around noon our time, the first thing we noticed, in the top right corner, was that it was mainly people in Europe and Asia opening the mail (they were not sleeping!). Later in the afternoon and in the evening, the open rate improved significantly as the US woke up.

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As people opened the mail, the amount of people reading the blog post went up. Consequently, traffic on our website grew as well. As thousands of people interacted with us, we also saw a few extra tickets coming in to our customer service. And luckily, we also saw an increase in our sales.

Having this dashboard, gave us an overview and increased our understanding of how our campaign worked along with offering us actionable insights on what we need to improve the next time.

Sales website

Sales dashboard on TV

Selling makes or breaks companies. It is critical. If you never sell, you will never survive. Our awesome CTO Attila just hacked this integration together using Slack.

Basically, when we sell an AIRTAME through our website, we will hear this sound (yes Danish football fans, it’s the old Tipslørdag sound) and see who bought the product, how many were bought and from which country. And bam! Everybody in the building can feel the sales pulse all time.

What is happening under the hood? When somebody buys an AIRTAME, a notification is dispatched on a Slack channel. The Slack channel is hooked up to push a notification to an AIRTAME, triggering the sound and the info selected. From there on we start a timer since the last sale… just as a little reminder for everyone :)

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This is not something that is ready for public yet, but just an internal hack we did. We are working on making stuff like this more open, so you guys can get creative on your own.

And yes, in this lies a challenge. What can you hack together with an AIRTAME that will benefit your business? The opportunities are endless, really.

We wanted to give you some ideas on how you can use AIRTAME to visualize critical data in your business. It is still very early thoughts from our end. But let us know, if it makes sense for you?

Setting it up in seconds

First, you need to set up your AIRTAME. From there, all you need to do is the following:

How to set up a Dashboard on your TV with AIRTAME

  1. Enter “Manage Device”
  2. Go to “Display” tab
  3. Paste the URL of the Dashboard you want to show
  4. Click Apply Settings
  5. AIRTAME will now show your dashboard and place its own information in a small bar at the bottom of the screen. You can still connect your devices to AIRTAME and stream your content at any time.

(check full guide here on how to set a dashboard on your TV with AIRTAME)

AIRTAME - Set Dashboard on your TV REQUIREMENTS: AIRTAME, TV with HDMI port, WiFi with internet access

👉🏻 To learn more about displaying dashboards on tv screens go to this page.

Let us know how it goes - and get that data up and start aligning your teams.

The very best, The AIRTAME team