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Product update: How Airtame 2 is getting even smarter

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Product update: How Airtame 2 is getting even smarter
Angela Murphy
October 24th, 2019

With firmware update 3.7.0, the LED on Airtame 2 now turns blue when a presenter is connected. With consumers opting for intuitive and sleek designs, there’s no reason why B2B products shouldn’t follow suit. That’s why we’ve made Airtame 2 even smarter.

Interactive streaming

As of firmware update 3.7.0, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) on the face of Airtame 2 changes color depending on what’s going on.

The only colors that the everyday user will see are white (when the device is ready) and blue (when a presenter is connected).

The other colors which are relevant for IT administrators to know are: solid green (new device ready to be set up), flashing green (updating), orange (network reset), and purple (factory reset).

The main benefit of this update is to reassure the presenter that everything is working. Blue light on = nothing to worry about. When someone stops presenting, the LED goes back to white, signaling to the next presenter that they’re welcome to get started.

Encouraging a smarter setup

You won’t be able to see the LED if the Airtame 2 is hidden behind a display.

Having the Airtame 2 secured next to the display (instead of behind it) has two benefits. First, everyday presenters will be able to see what’s going on based on what the LED is showing. Second, the WiFi signal strength will be much better, optimizing presentation quality.

It’s up to customers how they prefer to install the device, and for testing purposes it makes sense to use an adjustable magnetic connection.
That said, we hope that the interactive LED will help to encourage a physical setup that has aesthetic as well as functional benefits.

Previous update: the best Airtame app experience yet

Date: July 25th, 2019

We’ve been hard at work fine-tuning the app and adding some spiffy improvements that we think you’re going to like. Let’s dig into the many improvements in the 3.5 app update.

Meeting industry standards

We rewrote our SSDP discovery protocol and added mDNS support. Also known as Multicast DNS, this protocol is an industry standard from small businesses to large corporations. Head to this help center article to learn how to set it up.

With these improvements, Airtame is now better supported by the latest networking equipment. Your app will also find and show Airtames faster and more reliable than ever. As a result, you won’t have to type in the IP address in order to find a specific Airtame as often.  

Thanks to our improved discovery protocol in the 3.5 app update, Airtame’s easy wireless screen sharing is accessible to an even larger range of organizations, including enterprises.

Simon Hangaard, Director of Product, Core Experience at Airtame

Improved user experience

Let’s dig into the various tweaks in our app experience.

Faster installation for Windows users

Installing the Airtame app is now faster and simpler for Windows users. Rather than going through a five-click setup wizard, the Airtame app will now install with just one click.

The Windows Guest app will also take less time to start up, which means you can get up and streaming in no time. 

As always, you can find our latest apps for all our platforms on our downloads page

Easier installation for Linux users

We rebuilt the Airtame app for Linux and we’re pleased to say our app is now available in the Ubuntu store. As a result, installing the app is much easier and Linux users will get all our future updates automatically – without having to reinstall the app.

A new comment box for better feedback

We have included a comment section in our in-app streaming survey. This will give you the chance to give us more detailed feedback. 

With more information from you, we can take better action on improving the issues you encounter. So the next time you see the smilies in the app, be sure to write a line or two with your feedback. 

screenshot of airtame app

A more intuitive Manual mode  

Manual mode lets you tinker with streaming settings by adjusting video quality, buffering, and the like. We have changed how Manual mode works between streaming sessions, so now the app will reset back to Default mode when your streaming session ends. 

If you would like to stay in Manual mode between streaming sessions, all you have to do is toggle “Stay in Manual mode” in your app settings.  

Other tweaks

Easier Soundflower driver installation

Mac users need to install an audio driver in order to stream with audio while using Airtame. After a recent update from Apple, that flow became a bit more difficult. To help you get through this installation smoothly, we’ve included an installation guide in the app to make sure you download the driver and enable audio without any hiccups. 

Get the update

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Update: As of August 1, 2019, we’ve released the 3.5.1 app which includes a fix for some OSX users (10.14) regarding Soundflower. 


Product update: Full video playback support for digital signage

Date: July 10th, 2019

We have exciting news for those of you using Airtame to display custom content. You can now display video, audio, website animations, and GIFs

Let’s dive into how our latest 3.6 firmware update made this possible.

Play video and audio

We now support video from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, and others. Just copy the URL to a public video with autoplay enabled and give it a go.

Audio in your videos and other content will play through the display speakers automatically.  Head to our Help Center to learn how to set videos as digital signage on your Airtames.  

Enjoy animations and GIFs

Website animations and GIFs now display more smoothly since the Airtame device does more of the heavy lifting and not your computer. 

For those using Google Slides, Keynote, Powerpoint or other presentation tools, this also means any snazzy animated transitions in your slideshows will show as well. 

Wait less for content to load

Your content loads faster than ever before. This will make for a smoother experience when you switch between screen sharing and digital signage.

Display any type of website

You can now display a wider range of websites, since the new browser supports more web technologies. If your website is using a newer font, for example, it’s no problem. Other dashboards and technologies now supported include:

2020 will see even more support for signage integrations such as PowerBI.

The 3.6 firmware update lays the foundation for us to build a large range of exciting new digital signage capabilities. We can’t wait to reveal our next big developments soon!

Simon Hangaard, Director of Product, Core Experience at Airtame

Get the update

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Previous update: Chromebook ARM support

Date: May 9th, 2019

Hot on the heels of our web proxy support launch, we’re announcing another new update to the Airtame ecosystem.

Version 3.5.0 of the Airtame desktop application for ChromeOS is now out with ARM support, improved discovery, and manual mode fixes.

Chromebook ARM support

In an effort to deliver a truly cross-platform solution, the Airtame app now works on Chromebooks with ARM processors – woohoo! This will be especially relevant for schools that utilize these particular Chromebook models.

Airtame supports Chromebook ARM support

Improved discovery

Airtame relies on specific “ports” for functions such as discovery (i.e. ensuring that the Airtame app on your Chromebook can find all available Airtames). Going forward, app 3.5.0 will fall back on port 1901 if port 1900 is being occupied by a different app. This should improve discovery for some presenters who use Chromebooks.

Manual mode fixes

Up until now, when a user turned  “Manual mode” on, they could adjust the buffer in increments of 0.1 seconds. This has now been increased to increments of 0.5 seconds, which have more of an impact. The buffer limit has been decreased to max 5s, as streaming quality does not improve after 5s. As a general rule, a small buffer can often improve the quality of a stream.

To prevent cases of users leaving Manual mode on by mistake, we have also added an extra toggle within the app. This function requires users to actively have Manual mode saved if they want it as their fixed streaming mode.

Stay tuned

To get a breakdown of all previous app and firmware updates, as well as any that come up in the future, check out this article.

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Previous update: Introducing web proxy support

Date: April 3rd, 2019

Does your office or classroom use a web proxy to reach the internet? Our new product update lets you configure a proxy with Airtame so now you’re free to display dashboards, get updates, and manage your Airtames from the cloud.

Here’s what’s new.

Many offices and schools route their internet traffic through a web proxy in order to monitor internet usage and protect from potential threats.

Before this update, organizations with a proxy setup could not update Airtames, show web-based dashboards, or connect their devices to Airtame Cloud, since all these actions require internet access.

Now, it is simple to configure a proxy on your Airtame so Airtame can reach the internet.

To get started, update both your Airtame app and device. Then, just open up your Airtame desktop app, and you can access proxy settings right in your Airtame’s Device Settings.

Screenshot of Airtame app settings for web proxy configuration

There are a couple things to keep in mind. Airtame’s proxy support will require manual setup for each Airtame device in this first release, as it will not support automatic proxy configuration with a proxy configuration file.

Also note that proxy using authentication with username and password is not supported, however, if this is a blocker for you, please reach out and we can consider adding this to development.

Web proxy support unlocks Airtame’s wireless screen sharing for enterprise companies. It is a big step forward for Airtame and our enterprise customers.

Simon Hangaard, Head of Product Management at Airtame

Get started!

If you were not able to use Airtame because of your proxy setup, there’s nothing holding you back now.

For a technical look at using Airtame with a web proxy, take a look at our help article on Configuring a web proxy on Airtame.

Want to know more about proxy? Let’s dig a little deeper into what proxy is.
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