NEW: Web proxy support

Product update: web proxy support

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Product update: web proxy support
Jessica Navarro
April 3rd, 2019

Our latest product update lets you easily set up your Airtame to work with a web proxy setup. Here’s how!

Does your office or classroom use a web proxy to reach the internet? Our new product update lets you configure a proxy with Airtame so now you’re free to display dashboards, get updates, and manage your Airtames from the cloud.

Here’s what’s new.

New web proxy support

Many offices and schools route their internet traffic through a web proxy in order to monitor internet usage and protect from potential threats.

Before this update, organizations with a proxy setup could not update Airtames, show web-based dashboards, or connect their devices to Airtame Cloud, since all these actions require internet access.

Now, it is simple to configure a proxy on your Airtame so Airtame can reach the internet.

To get started, update both your Airtame app and device. Then, just open up your Airtame desktop app, and you can access proxy settings right in your Airtame’s Device Settings.

Screenshot of Airtame app settings for web proxy configuration

There are a couple things to keep in mind. Airtame’s proxy support will require manual setup for each Airtame device in this first release, as it will not support automatic proxy configuration with a proxy configuration file.

Also note that proxy using authentication with username and password is not supported, however, if this is a blocker for you, please reach out and we can consider adding this to development.  

Web proxy support unlocks Airtame’s wireless screen sharing for enterprise companies. It is a big step forward for Airtame and our enterprise customers.

Simon Hangaard, Head of Product Management at Airtame

Get started!

If you were not able to use Airtame because of your proxy setup, there’s nothing holding you back now.

For a technical look at using Airtame with a web proxy, take a look at our help article on Configuring a web proxy on Airtame.

Want to know more about proxy? Let’s dig a little deeper into what proxy is.
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