Why you should upgrade to Airtame 2

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Why you should upgrade to Airtame 2
October 10th, 2018

You love your first Airtame, and now you’re curious about Airtame 2. Here’s why you should take the plunge and upgrade your system with our brand new hardware

Airtame 2 isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a new and better product with much better components that can accommodate not just current solutions, but also future advancements that we have coming up with our firmware and integrations.

Take a peek at the reasons behind Airtame 2 …


Airtame 2 is better, stronger, and more reliable than the first generation device, simply because its components are better. Better components bring more memory and improved wireless range.

Did you ever want the latest and greatest Airtame software, but didn’t think you had enough time to update before the start of a meeting?  Fear no more, because, with a high speed onboard memory chip and cutting edge WiFi chip, the Airtame 2 performs firmware and software updates in just a few minutes.

And there’s more! The first generation Airtame was able to load animations, but could only load very few frames per second. Airtame 2 is much better in the sense that it runs more smoothly and takes less time to load.

In both the first-gen Airtame and the Airtame 2, there’s a WiFi chip. Airtame 2 has a brand-new WiFi chip though, about five times faster than its precursor, which provides the user with even more smooth and reliable screen sharing and faster load time for website backgrounds.

Airtame 2 is upgraded in many ways, but the improved performance in better latency deserves a mention too. Now, our users can enjoy an even more instant feeling when streaming plus a more solid AirPlay playback.


Components are one thing, but they need to be cased in something with a strong form factor to be noticed. While we were happy with the dongle-shaped first-gen Airtame, we realized we could give our users so much more by upgrading the hardware itself too. We’re happy to introduce not just a new product, but a bold new look too!

Another thing our users have requested is more flexibility in terms of setup. Our previous dongle-like Airtame fit right into the HDMI port of a TV or projector, which came with a few disadvantages such as potentially blocking the WiFi signal.

That’s why we took a good look at the installation and made some amazing upgrades there too. Setup with Airtame 2 includes a magnetic wall mount that makes it easy to place the device next to the screen. It’s designed so that optimal mounting with the magnetic wall mount provides the best possible WiFi connection. Besides that, Airtame 2 has a modern, sleek design that adds elegance to any environment – we don’t think you want to hide it, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s clear why many of our users have made the suggestion of incorporating a Kensington Lock option. The Kensington Lock secures the device in areas that are accessible to many people, for example in semi-public places like a lounge, waiting area or classroom. While the first-gen Airtame didn’t have this feature, Airtame 2 does.

Airtame 2 is much more powerful than the first gen device, and therefore needs to be plugged into a power outlet. The new custom cable called Aircord removes the trouble of reaching both the HDMI input on the display and the power source by giving it more corded range.

There’s even the option of using Airtame 2 with our very own Power over Ethernet (coming soon to our online store), which connects Airtame 2 directly with the LAN cable for both power and stable internet without having to compromise on the simple setup.


The first-gen Airtame is not meant to be on display. It looks great but is a little modest, and we knew there were some upgrades to be made here. Some of our partners have called the new Airtame 2 “sexy”, and while we probably won’t go that far, it’s safe to say the new design wins more hearts.

The surface of Airtame 2 is smooth to the touch without any disturbing elements. There’s only one attention-grabbing feature on the otherwise completely black device, and that’s the LED on the front.

The LED’s standard setting is a steady white glow, to indicate that your Airtame 2 is working just fine. This light is less obtrusive than that of the first-gen Airtame and will serve as a guide to users and inform them when a software update is imminent if a connection is lost – and many more things, some of which we’ll be constantly developing.

With many other of our competitors, you’ll have to connect something to your laptop or mobile device, drill a mounting plate or the device itself into the wall. It’s laborious and takes a lot of time. Airtame 2 comes with a magnetic wall mount. Yes, magnetic, no drilling required!

We recommend removing the adhesive from the magnetic wall mount and Aircord and find a good place beside your screen to set it up, but you could also just mount the device itself straight to the frame of the TV.

If mounted visibly, the Airtame 2 will receive better signal, but also make it easy for everyone to eventually recognize that the given screen is powered by Airtame – an easy, reliable solution.

Future advancements

It wasn’t that long ago we released our Homescreen apps in beta. We have an increasingly bigger focus on app integrations – building apps that connect to your pre-existing business or education services, allowing for more dynamic digital signage on your screens when they are not being used.

Airtame 2 is better equipped to show and run more advanced digital signage and dashboard solutions. We think the future will call for many more of these solutions, and that’s why we’ve provided our users with a future-proof device that grows with our users’ needs.

Price – still competitive

What about the price tag, you might ask? With all these state of the art components, the price must be sure to sky-rocket, right? We’re delighted to inform you that Airtame 2 is still a cheaper solution than most.

Airtame 2 costs €/$ 499 (ex. VAT), which is a bit more expensive than its predecessor. Airtame 2 is also an upgraded, future-proof solution that runs faster, has more memory, twice the wireless WiFi range and a more flexible setup. It’s a bargain when put under this context. Check out how we compare to our biggest competitors here.

Bottom line

Our first product is a fine device that we’re very proud of. And right now, it can suit most of the demands our users are requesting. But a year from now, we think that this device will have a hard time catching up to the features that we and our users want it to run.

And that’s why we’ve built a device with better components, a smarter design and room for all the improvements we will offer in the future to help you use screens better. We crammed all the learnings from our first-gen device into a new and improved form factor with kick-ass electronics.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Airtame 2s work perfectly well with the first-gen Airtame. So if you want, you could have these new, more powerful devices in rooms or environments where you need to impress more or need it to run faster and keep the first gen devices running like clockwork in the down-prioritized environments.

All in all, we’re launching a next-generation product that will be more prominent in the room, better performing and still as stable as the current platform that we’ve been continuously developing for four years.

Airtame 2 isn’t just a new chapter that continues a tale – it’s a whole new book that our users will be able to co-write with us.

Watch this short video to discover how Airtame works:


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