Utilizing digital signage to promote safety and awareness in warehouses and factories

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Utilizing digital signage to promote safety and awareness in warehouses and factories
June 4th, 2020

In the fourth and final installment of our post-lockdown series for work, we focus on maintaining safety and awareness in warehouses and around factory floors.

Last week, we shared some suggestions for how digital signage can help promote safety and awareness across departments such as using dashboards to reinforce targets and using slideshows to promote cleanliness in each department. This week, we’ll focus on how digital signage can help promote safety and awareness in warehouses and factories.

The safe and efficient functioning of warehouses and factory floors is crucial to economies all over the world. More often than not, businesses that sell physical products rely on these facilities to produce the goods that they then go on to sell to customers. We have already started to see the domino effect of COVID-19 on warehouses and factories, with companies large and small experiencing production delays as a result of facilities needing to adjust to recommended safety guidelines. Fewer staff on factory floors equals a lower production capacity, fewer products available to sell, slower delivery times, and a reduced bottom line for many businesses.

As the world slowly begins to return to normal over the coming weeks and months, it’s critical that operators and employers of workers in warehouses and factories take safety measures extremely seriously. This is first and foremost to ensure the health of their employees, but also to help the businesses that rely on the production of goods within these facilities to continue to function.

Here are some examples of how digital signage can be used to help warehouses and factory floors return to a new state of work, and encourage safety and awareness among employees.

Communicate specific safety procedures using Google Slides

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Warehouses and factories around the world have been and will continue to be impacted by COVID-19. Unlike many of us, operators and workers in these facilities aren’t able to work from home, as they rely on heavy machinery and often operate dangerous equipment. As they readjust to a new way of operating, managers of these facilities need to adopt new procedures and safety measures to ensure employees are kept safe. For example, shorter shifts for workers, less people working at a time in a given space, the distribution of PPE and more extensive cleaning measures.

Using Google Slides, warehouse managers can share specific instructions, such as how many workers are permitted within a certain area. They can also communicate cleanliness protocols, such as the need to wash and sanitize hands before and after entering the factory floor, maintain a safe distance between workers and ensuring each piece of material produced is effectively sanitized before it goes into packaging. Maps and images of the warehouse floor can also be shared via Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive, to remind workers of allocated seating, where they should take breaks and which restrooms are open for use.

Share official guidelines with workers using visuals

When it comes to maintaining safety and awareness in these spaces, it’s imperative that warehouse and factory managers adhere to the recommendations of experts and health authorities. For example, the World Health Organization provides a range of free, downloadable images and videos that communicate important health and safety measures. Using digital signage, these materials can be shared on screen within different areas, such as factory floors, restrooms, cafeterias and hallways. The guidelines that WHO recommends now will differ in three months’ time, so it’s important that the messages that are shared are up to date and relevant. The dynamic nature of digital signage means that the messages shared on screen can change over time as recommendations develop.

A combination of visuals, such as static images and videos, can be effective in capturing peoples’ attention. Using YouTube, you can stream videos on your screens to remind workers of the measures they need to take when it comes to personal hygiene during COVID-19. There is also the option to share imagery directly from WHO’s website using the public website URL.

Use Trello boards to stay on track with tasks and track performance

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As many warehouses and factories adapt to new ways of working, project management boards like Trello can help managers keep employees on track with tasks. By visually presenting the tasks that have been completed, the current priorities and tasks to work on in the future, managers can make it easier for employees to readjust to a new way of working. Trello boards can also be used to reinforce safety procedures, such as reminding workers to wear PPE before they approach certain machinery or to take additional precautions to ensure the surface they are working from has been sanitized.

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Utilizing digital signage with Airtame in warehouses and factory floors is an effective way of sharing safety information and other important updates with workers. The method of sharing information is also hygienic, with Airtame Cloud Plus allowing managers to remotely update and manage the messages shared on screens, without having to physically touch remote controls or touchscreens.

Any Airtame-equipped screen also offers wireless screen sharing, allowing managers to share any important presentations safely, without the need to share any cables or dongles that may be contaminated.

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