v1.0.0-beta is now available!

Another week, and another release!

This time however, it’s a big one. From this point onwards it will be working towards the public release in the coming weeks.

v1.0.0-BETA has been released with an entirely new design that was built with the user in mind. Previously during the BETA process you’ve had to select manually your settings according to what you wanted to stream / personal configurations. Now, with this new dashboard we’re able to choose the relevant settings for you at a click of a button.

Through feedback and our testing over the months we’ve come to realise that there is no one solution to ensure the best streaming experience at all times. Other streaming devices basically find a middle ground and then let you work around it. We’ve now created 3 modes (and a manual mode) that are perfectly suited to your specific use cases.

The 3 pre-configured modes are:

This is for when you are looking for responsive actions with as little latency as possible. We’ve muted the sound, and this mode will allow you to use the larger monitor in as near real time as possible.

This is for when you want to showcase something, or simply stream some media to the larger screen. It’s for those occasions that you want to watch something on the TV / monitor and simply leave your laptop on the side. Audio sync with your TV / monitor is automatically switched on. We’ve also added a delay as you’re not actively using your laptop to increase the level of the stream. It gives you a high level of fluency and quality by adding a delay between your computer and monitor. As there is a delay, we recommend that you dim your laptop / original screen as not to catch yourself watching two different images at the same time :)

When presenting your screen either using a keynote or powerpoint, this mode focuses on high quality while fluency is reduced to save battery whilst layering a slight delay to ensure high quality streaming throughout.

You can choose your mode settings at any time by going to the AIRTAME application > Preferences > Modes

What do I get when I update?

Since the last update (v0.1.7) we included a big design change to how the splash screen looks whilst waiting for a stream. Having the AIRTAME in our office in the past months alongside a lot of great feedback from early BETA testers, AIRTAME has gone through some big changes which we mentioned in the previous post.

Alongside this change in the UX, there is a lot of core changes in the system (in relation to audio streaming etc) so we highly recommend that you update your device(s) as soon as you can! :)

Updating to V.0.1.7 included a big design change in how the splash screen looks while not streaming to AIRTAME. Having had AIRTAME installed at our office the last 6 months + have had a lot of great feedback from the early beta testers, AIRTAME has gone through some big changes which we also mentioned in the previous post.

Besides the design update a lot of “stuff in the back” has also changed in relation the audio streaming etc. Therefore we urge you to update! Ever since we made the version available to members of the public through Alpha and BETA we have a number of different versions that are being run at the moment. We urge you however to use and test only with the current versions so that you’re experiencing what will ultimately be the version that will be available in public release in the coming weeks.

To see what other changes from v0.1.7 > v1.0.0-beta are, head to http://forum.airtame.com/t/release-v1-0-0-beta/1495

How to manually update

If you have v0.1.5 or below:
PC > Click here Mac > Click here

If you have v0.1.6 or above:
Once you’ve connected your device to the internet, it should go through an over-the-air (OTA) update within 30 minutes. Please note, as this is a big change in the system it might take up to 30-35 minutes dependant on your internet connection. We recommend you simply switching channels and let this run in the background.

Still having problems updating?
Head over to forum.airtame.com/guides. If still stuck, drop a message onto the forum & someone from the community will help you out!