Welcome, Oliver, Vincentas, and Fabian!

The Airtame team keeps growing and growing. Our 3 newest Airtamers are part of the teams building the customer experience. Meet 🇩🇰 Oliver from Sales, 🇱🇹 Vincentas from Support, and 🇩🇪 Fabian from Marketing.

**Say hi to Oliver, Fabian, and Vincentas!**
What role are you filling at Airtame?

Oliver: Account Manager - with a focus on our European Customers

Vincentas: I will be working with our customer support.

Fabian: I will mostly handle demo calls that can be booked on our website as well as communication with our German-speaking customers.

How did you find out about Airtame and why did you choose to apply?

Oliver: I have been following Airtame for quite a while prior to applying and have a good friend who is still working here. So I learned a lot about the culture and product through him and told him that whenever there was an opening he had to let me know and here I am :)

Vincentas: I knew the device for some time now and used it before. I really liked it and therefore was excited to see the job ad. I wanted to work with a product that I believe in so it was a no-brainer to apply here.

Fabian: I found the job ad on Graduateland and immediately liked the product as I see a huge potential for it by making work in general and specifically meetings more effective. Furthermore, I checked out Airtame on Youtube and immediately liked the extremely enthusiastic and dynamic atmosphere of the team.

Anything weird? Odd habits, unique interests, a funny story?

Oliver: I have the first dollar I ever earned in my wallet. I won it from my dad in Sears Tower - Chicago in 1998 in a bet regarding if my ears would pop going up the elevator to the top floor.

And meditation - I practice it 40 min daily. It helps me to stay on top of things and see things from a different perspective.

Vincentas: Lithuanians are known to be superstitious. I am not an exception: always tie my left shoe first and don’t whistle inside the house for the sake of good luck. And I do love to eat smoked pig ears.

Fabian: I try to learn at least a sentence or two whenever I meet someone who speaks a different language than I do - whatever that person wants to tell me.

**Vincentas, Support team**
What’s your background?

Oliver: I graduated in January with a bachelor’s in International Sales and Marketing Management from CPH Business in Copenhagen. I have previously been working in different startups and mostly done marketing, PR, and sales.

Vincentas: I have a very diverse background. My mom is from Estonia, my dad is from Lithuania. I was born in Russia. I have been living in Denmark for 6 years now. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration here. I mostly worked with account management and sales in various industries.

Fabian: I graduated from the German Business School WHU in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in International Business Administration and am currently working on my Master’s in Innovation and Business Development at Copenhagen Business School here in lovely Copenhagen.

Where did you work before?

Oliver: During my schooling, I have worked/interned for a couple of startups in Denmark, the US, and South Africa. In all of my internships, I have had focus on business development, PR, sales and marketing.

Vincentas: I worked in various industries and various companies. Tourism, Retail, Flower export, Event management, Advertising, Sports - you name it. I enjoyed experiencing different sectors and different cultures.

Fabian: After my Bachelor’s and before moving to Copenhagen, I worked for the German startup HomeToGo in Berlin, mostly doing Business Development and special projects. Before that, I did an internship at the Digital & Adjacent division of the German Media company ProSieben Sat.1 in Munich, developing a tracking system for a new project.

**Fabian, Marketing team**

######How do you spend your free time? Oliver: Mostly on travelling - I really like exploring new countries and cultures - in addition to that I am planning on seeing the 7 wonders of the world before I turn 30. I read a lot as well.

I also spend a lot of time trying new things - I love figuring out how things work and how to make them better.

Vincentas: I love playing basketball (even worked as a coach) and enjoy watching different sports. I also enjoy reading (my wife says I am eating books). I collect old school video gaming consoles and enjoy using them. I also love traveling. Everywhere!

Fabian: Apart from studying and working I like to spend time with my friends from university and enjoy the student life. Additionally, I make sure not to miss the games of my favourite football club 1.FC Köln.

######What gets you up in the morning? What motivates you? Oliver: The fear of being average mostly and the possibility to grow and become the best version of myself.

Vincentas: Curiosity. I am open to what the day brings me.

Fabian: I listen to a radio channel from my home region for 30 minutes every morning. It has become a ritual regardless of where I am at the moment and brings me up to speed.

**Oliver, Sales team**

######Oliver, this one is just for you: If you were an animal, what would you be?

Probably a dolphin. 🐬 They are intelligent and don’t take themselves too seriously and they like to play around. They are also pretty creative and like to explore things.

######Vincentas, this one is just for you: How do you take your coffee?

Small, strong, black, no sugar. The Italian way. ☕️ 😉

######Fabian, this one is just for you: What’s your first impression of the Airtame team so far (yes, we’re fishing for compliments ;))?

I’ve never received so many high-fives in just one week. Couldn’t have asked for a more positive welcome. ✋

🎉 Welcome to the team! 🎉