Why join the Airtame engineering community?

We currently have some openings for engineering positions at Airtame, but rather than just put up an ad on LinkedIn, we want to show potential candidates who we are and why you should join our team.

The Community

We’re international. There are 15 nationalities represented in our small and growing team and we’re looking to diversify even more. We think being diverse makes us more creative, smarter, and, hey, more fun.

We’re young. We’re not just talking about the average age of our team members. The company is young too, which makes us agile and open to get a little experimental every once in a while.

We’re driven. We may have only started in 2013, but we’ve come a long way since then and we have big plans for the road ahead. We think big and act quick. If you do too, we want you on our team!

We’re a community. We’re not trying to be gimmicky when we say that Airtame is a community. On the contrary, we want you to know that we’re dead serious about our work culture. If you want a job where you punch in at 8 a.m. and punch out at 5 p.m., then kindly close this tab and have a nice day. Call us needy, but we want people who are not only boss at their tasks but who are fun to work with and will be there for the highs and the lows.

I chose Airtame first because of the cool product and the problems that I could see we will have to solve. Meeting the people founding the company and working there just strengthens even more my choice to join this family. Pierre Fourgeaud (Software team, Nationality: France, Favorite language: C/C++)

Airtame Employee Pierre

Check out this Trello board we made all about Airtame culture.

Work life

Our work culture is this beautiful mix between laid back and laser focused. We know when to work hard, but also like to have a good laugh or two in between. Everyone gets the chance to say what’s on their mind and at Airtame’s bi-weekly company meetings, management is open about what’s going on in the company. To take it even further, our CEO regularly sits down for a one-on-one chat with every employee. This is possible because of our overall belief in transparency and non-hierarchical management structure. But just because our work culture is laid back, doesn’t mean our focus is. We work quickly, so if you’ve got a new idea, you need to execute fast and show us why your idea will work.

I joined Airtame because making this product successful is a really exciting design and user interface programming challenge. Although, if I think about it, I really joined for the crowd. I enjoy how lunch conversations can cover every topic imaginable, with a warmth and openness that you wouldn’t come across every day. Peter Szerzo (Web team, Nationality: Romanian, Favorite language: Elm)

Airtame Employee Peter

A typical day at Airtame goes something like this:

You enter the office and greet everyone with a high five. Yeah, seriously. You sit down, catch up on emails and Slack (our internal channel of communication) and get into the groove of your work. After some solid hours of work, someone asks you if you want to run around the corner to our favorite café and grab a ginger shot (it’s a health thing).

At noon, you can go down to the kitchen for a catered lunch with the works. And speaking of the kitchen, the fridge is always stocked with sodas and the coffee machine always seems to be brewing a cup.

In the afternoon, you’re likely to see someone on Slack asking who’s up for watching a football match at a local sports pub, so now you’ve got plans for the evening. When the work day is over, you pack up your stuff, then give out some more high fives as you head out the door.

Sometimes, we pack our toothbrush and go off location. Here’s the Airtame team at a Launch Camp, 2015.

And here’s the team at the last offsite event, our Workathon 2016.

Wanna see more of the people you’ll be working with? Here is a quick slideshow of us at the Airtame Workathon

The product

So what do we actually produce at Airtame? We make this neat wireless HDMI device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector and lets you stream content from a computer. There’s nothing plugged into the computer, but instead, the user downloads the Airtame app. The user then uses the app to connect to the Airtame via WiFi. That’s what we do, but why we do it is because we’re on a mission to shape the future of wireless HDMI technology.

We get to solve hard problems every single day. We are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable code. Developers are able to have a significant impact on the direction of the product, and the company as a whole. We move quickly - if I have an idea and can make a good case for it, I’m encouraged to pursue it. Andrew Keating (Cloud Team, Nationality: USA, Favorite language: Go)

Airtame Employee Andrew

Technologies applied

Although we all pitch in wherever needed, the development team is generally broken down into smaller teams that focus on different aspects of an Airtame: Core, Firmware, Widget, Web, Infrastructure, and Cloud. Each team works in 2-week sprints with a focus on code quality and cross-platform support.

CORE - The team writing the video streaming software that runs on the Airtame devices and on the computer side. It is the magic bit that captures the screen of your desktop and sends it over WiFi to your Airtame-powered screen. We work with C/C++, git, Gerrit, Jenkins, A/V codecs (opus, h.264), networking, OpenGLES/EGL, open-source, and so much more.

FIRMWARE - The team in charge of hardware and connectivity-related issues. We mainly work with C, Bash, and JS.

SOFTWARE - The team that writes the software that connects all the components of the application together on the computer side. This means connecting the components that discover the device on the network and the ability to stream. We display the result through a modern UI. We work with Javascript/NodeJS, ES6, Electron, C/C++, HTML/SCSS, HTTP/REST, git, Gerrit, Jenkins, open-source, and more.

WEB - The team that takes care of making the website and the shopping experience awesome. We mainly work with React, Handlebars, Express, and SASS.

INFRASTRUCTURE - We are basing our infrastructure on well known, proven technologies such as Ansible for configuration management, Jenkins for continuous integration, Graylog for log analysis and other great open source projects including Ganeti, MMonit and PfSense.

CLOUD - We make it easier to manage large Airtame deployments by providing a web interface for monitoring and managing an organization’s devices. Our frontend is built using React + Redux, with Go, MySQL and Redis Pub/Sub on the backend.

The Job Openings

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration, and automated testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture.


Ready to join our ambitious team? Check out the full list of openings and send your CV and application to tech-jobs@airtame.com letting us know why you would be a great fit. We can’t wait to meet you!

Last updated August 15, 2017