Mobile in focus

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve made a lot of good progress with the mobile platforms, so we’ve got an update for you entirely on this topic alone!

###iOS Since the launch of the iOS app, we’ve now added .pdf support and the ability to stream images and documents directly from your applications. This means that you’ll be able to grab a .pdf document or image directly from Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive and be able to stream to your monitor in a couple of clicks:

It’s also got a shiny new mobile presentation mode that turns your mobile device into a hand held presentation remote, along with a handy timer so you can see what stage you are in your presentation at a single glance:

###Android Android has gone from v0.5.3 to v0.5.6. What does that mean you ask? Here’s an overview of the features and fixes:

You’re now able to open up .pdf files and images from your applications as with the iOS app, but in Android you’ve also got a built in Dropbox functionality, that enables you to view and search through your content directly within the AIRTAME application. This is how it eventually will work on all mobile platforms, so you easily can browse around in your favourite storage services and stream content from within the AIRTAME application directly – at the moment you’ll have to “live” with going into each relevant application directly and then selecting which documents you’ll like to stream to the AIRTAME.

We’re constantly working on getting the details in the user flow right. Our focus is to create the smoothest process possible and create the small “oh that’s cool” (or “oh là là” moments as Benoit would say) when streaming your presentations and images.

###Have a cool idea to better the experience? Join the conversation and our community at

For the next step (and natural evolution) we’re working on a way to get your other media (videos etc.) via the application to stream directly. It will be the case as usual where we’ll stage the development over the different updates, starting with local / native media support and then move up from there, but more about that in another update :)

To find the applications, you can follow the links below: iOS Android

Until next time – happy streaming!