Your chance to save 18% on 3 Airtames + 3 Ethernet Adapters!

For the past year, we offered 3 Airtames with 3 Ethernet adapters at an 18% discount on our website. Starting July 21st, we will no longer offer the Bundle Pack. Grab yours before its gone!

Airtame Bundle Pack promotion

πŸ‘‰ Get your Bundle Pack now

The Bundle Pack was great. Many of you snagged the deal and we were fans too.

However, after speaking with you, we realized that this one-size offer doesn’t fit all. Some did not need Ethernet adapters. Some needed more or fewer devices than 3.

We knew there was a better way.

More flexible pricing

You, our fantastic customers, range from cool startups and medium-sized businesses to schools, universities, global enterprises, and even churches with a lot of history.

Maybe you need an offer for 4 devices while others need one for 22 devices. Others even purchase hundreds of devices!

With this in mind, we will start rolling out changes to our pricing that reflect these insights.

As a first step to creating flexible pricing for you, we will remove the Bundle Pack offer by July 21st.

Last chance to grab a Bundle Pack ⏳

The Bundle Pack is offered at a significant discount. It saves you 18% on 3 Airtames and 3 Ethernet adapters.

Want to take advantage of this offer while it lasts? Let me break down how much you can save:

3 Airtames + 3 Ethernet Adapters: You save 175

6 Airtames + 6 Ethernet Adapters: You save 350

9 Airtame + 9 Ethernet Adapters: You save 525

18 Airtames + 18 Ethernet Adapters: You save 1,050

30 Airtames + 30 Ethernet Adapters: You save 1,750

So, as you see, this offer is pretty good. It runs out by July 20th. Hurry and grab your Bundle Pack. πŸƒ

πŸ‘‰ Get your Bundle Pack now

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