Your top questions about Airtame hybrid conferencing

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Your top questions about Airtame hybrid conferencing
Nikki Fabrizio
June 2nd, 2022

You asked, we answered! During our product spotlight on Airtame‘s hybrid conferencing solution, we received dozens of questions from attendees about the new Airtame Hub device and Airtame Rooms. We’ve compiled and answered some of the top questions asked during the event, to help you gain further insight into our latest products.

What peripherals will work with the Airtame Hub? Do you have a list?

Peripherals that have been tested and validated by Airtame will be posted on our website and through our purchasing partners. With that said, any peripherals that use standard USB connections can be connected directly to the Hub. If the peripheral uses a separate power supply, then this should be powered separately.

What level of Power over Ethernet is needed to power the Airtame Hub?

The Airtame Hub comes with an RJ45 port, which can power the Airtame Hub through PoE. The PoE infrastructure will require a minimum of Type 2 “PoE+”. If the network is not PoE enabled, the Airtame Hub can be powered via our power adaptor accessory.

How does the Airtame Hub work in a complex environment with multiple wireless networks?

Many users have separate networks, where there is an enterprise network for employees and a guest network for those visiting. We designed our previous products like the Airtame 2 to operate effectively in these environments and bring this same functionality to the Airtame Hub. We have user guides regarding this topic, and our support team is here to advise on how to set this up in a way that performs well and is also secure.

What conferencing platforms are on the road map? 

We are currently supporting Microsoft Teams, with Zoom support to launch by the end of 2022. We are working with other vendors on implementing support for other platforms our customers want. 

How do you control your video and audio?

Peripheral devices, including cameras and microphones, can be controlled directly through the Airtame App while in your video conferencing call. 

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Will the Airtame Hub have dual screen support?

The Airtame Hub has 2 HDMI ports and will eventually support dual screens. At launch, the Airtame Hub will only support one display, but this feature will be unlocked with a firmware update and is a part of our product roadmap.

Do I need a specific version of O365 or Zoom to use these products?

No specific version is needed! Our approach to conferencing uses the web-based integrations for each conferencing provider, allowing Airtame Rooms to always run the latest version of these services. We also support authentication through Microsoft and Google, which will allow you to integrate your calendars with Airtame Rooms, and eliminate worry about having the latest version of a software or needing to perform an upgrade.

Does the Airtame Hub require an ongoing subscription?

Yes – to ensure the best possible user experience, the Airtame Hub is only offered in a bundled package which includes the hardware device and a one-year software license with an annual renewal. Airtame Rooms offers all the features of our Cloud Plus offering, as well as everything you need to run Microsoft Teams and (coming soon) Zoom calls for your hybrid meetings

Are administrative rights required for the installation of the Airtame app?

Our most frequently used version of the application does require administrative rights for the device in question. However, for guests with Windows devices, we do offer a version that does not require installation or admin rights. We also offer the ability to mass deploy the app for both Windows and Mac. 

Will this replace my Airtame 2? 

The Airtame 2 is still our top pick for wireless screen sharing and digital signage for the majority of your screens. For rooms in need of a conferencing solution, the Airtame Hub and Airtame Rooms will give you hybrid video conferencing functionality, in addition to the features you love about the Airtame 2. With a unified ecosystem, you can use a blend of Airtame 2’s and Airtame Hubs across your organization at scale. 


Want to learn more about our hybrid conferencing solution? If you missed the webinar, you can watch it on-demand here. Better yet, schedule a demo with a member of our sales team using the form below to walk you through how the Airtame hybrid conferencing solution brings simplicity to meetings. 


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Nikki Fabrizio
As the Content Marketing Manager at Airtame, Nikki helps bring informative content into the world. In her free time, you can find her traveling, hiking, and practicing circus arts.

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