The challenge

Orange County Public Schools had been looking for a screen sharing solution that would operate smoothly across older-style classrooms and buildings. With students and teachers using everything from iPads to Chromebooks, it was important that the solution was cross-platform and compatible with a range of different devices. The ideal solution also needed to be wireless, as teachers wanted to have the flexibility to move around the classroom and provide 1:1 assistance to students where needed.

A cross-platform solution

After initially testing out 10-20 Airtame units across different classroom environments, the district decided to go with Airtame. This came down to Airtame’s ease of use and the fact that it’s a wireless, cross-platform solution, now with the ability to connect from any device via Google Cast, Miracast and AirPlay.

Airtame is now installed in almost every classroom across 9 different schools throughout the district and is used with a combination of old projectors and newer Samsung displays. Teachers across all classrooms can easily share their screens with Airtame – no matter what device they’re using – and enjoy the flexibility of moving around without needing to worry about cables.

The district is also using Airtame for digital signage purposes, using Google Slides via Airtame Cloud Plus to create tailored content across hallways and shared spaces. There are plans to use the YouTube app in Airtame Cloud Plus to stream the school’s news program in the next school year. Some schools have their Google Calendars synced to the Room Overview app, allowing teachers to easily identify when a meeting room is occupied or free.

Airtame has been particularly useful during COVID times, with some teachers conducting hybrid lessons to accommodate students who need to learn from home. Some schools have also been sharing health and safety reminders featured on the CDC website, encouraging students and staff to wear masks and wash their hands frequently.

The verdict: Easy to use and reduced support costs

According to Mark Outten – a member of Orange County Public Schools’ Technology Department and a key driver of the adoption of Airtame – the solution has been a big hit with teachers: “Airtame has been wildly successful. The setup process was super easy – we customized settings for different classrooms and named devices according to classroom and school. The wireless screen sharing is great and we’ve had no hiccups at all. There’s been a reduction in support costs because Airtame is so easy to use.”

“For the IT Department, remote device management is a really big thing. The Airtame Cloud dashboard is fantastic and really helpful.”

“There really isn’t a use case for us that Airtame doesn’t support,” said Mr. Outten.

See Airtame in action

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