The challenge

The Performance Centre is the hub for England’s aspiring cricketers and a training and rehab centre for players across all England teams. This state-of-the-art facility features a Seminar Room, large and small meeting rooms, and various meeting breakout areas.

With a BYOD (bring your own device) environment, users experienced frustration with connecting devices. IT also used significant resources to replace an unsightly collection of damaged and disappearing cables. The ECB needed a wireless presentation solution that didn’t require significant IT support and had ease of use for the end-user. It would also have to be easily compatible with Apple products, which made up approximately 50% of visitor equipment.

The Solution that resolved ECB’s pain points

At the end of 2019, ECB purchased an 86″ TV for their Seminar Room and retired the projector, audio equipment and messy cabling. After setting up an Airtame device, meetings were up and running in seconds without any IT Support intervention. All devices were supported, and Apple devices were easy to use, as the user simply had to mirror to the Airtame.

Employees started to book the Seminar Room as their meeting room of choice. It was easy to connect their devices, and it had improved audio/visuals compared to the projectors, amplifiers, and other equipment used throughout the other meeting rooms.

IMG 0506

The Result: A ripple effect across meeting rooms

After trialling the Airtame 2 device, the ECB started an AV upgrade project, replacing all projectors with TVs, removing ancillary equipment and cabling, and installing Airtame 2’s. After extending the project to meeting breakout areas, they now only offer a wireless presentation option. This allowed them to abolish their adaptor replacement budget, as now, there was nothing to break or lose!

In their Reception area are TVs showing live cricket and meeting schedules and plans. They utilise Airtame Cloud Plus to display digital signage and video content using compatible apps such as YouTube, PowerPoint, and OneDrive. Visitors are engaged, and the room has a more aesthetic appearance than just a blank tv screen. With the Airtame Cloud central management feature, updating digital signage and video content is simple. They can also delegate access and group Airtames.

“Colleagues from two of our regional offices immediately liked the Airtame solution when they saw it at the Performance Centre, so very quickly and easily they added Airtame to their existing TVs in their meeting rooms.”, shared Rob Wilkinson, IT Project Manager at the ECB. The ECB grew from a single Airtame at the start of 2019 to 14 to date. They’re not only making their meeting rooms more engaging and painless; they’re making screens, in general, more interesting across their offices.

See Airtame in action